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Synopsis for "Kiber the Cruel"

While driving around near the Wakandan border, Khanata is abducted by agents of Kiber the Cruel. Khanata tries to resist his captor, but Kiber proves untouchable, employing mysterious powers to teleport and make parts of his body vanish. Khanata is dropped into a holding cell with several other hopeless captives, and he's forced to witness as one of them is led to a machine that converts him to pure energy to feed Kiber's hunger.

Meanwhile, T'Challa is in the hospital recovering from being buried under the collapsed vibranium mound. He's been having prophetic dreams of Kiber's soldiers and tests confirm that his exposure to the raw vibranium has left him with minor ESP abilities. Sensing Khanata's plight, T'Challa rushes back into action but can only track him as far as a solid mountainside at the border.

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