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Quote1.png We're nothing but fuel to Kiber! When he's through with us he'll capture others until he destroys humanity! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Kiber Clue"

Featured Characters:

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  • Panther Habit
  • Conversion Chamber (The "Matter Machine")
  • Kiber's Androids

Synopsis for "The Kiber Clue"

When Khanata tries to intimidate Kiber by telling him about T'Challa, Kiber is intrigued and sends his agents back out to abduct him. T'Challa is still trying to figure out how the agents penetrated the Wakandan border when they swarm in through the solid mountainside, using a version of the transmatter device Kiber developed in his previous life as a scientist. The agents succeed in capturing T'Challa and he awakens in their base. Learning that he can't touch Kiber, T'Challa figures out that the man he sees is a projection and the real Kiber is hidden elsewhere in the complex. He uses his newfound psychic link with Khanata to have him spur the other prisoners into working together to break free and start a revolt, then seeks out Kiber's true form in the chaos.


  • Joshua Itobo is referred to as "Joshua Itoba" in this issue.
  • Last Jack Kirby issue on title.
  • There is no letters page this issue, but there is a full page ad for Invaders with a cover reproduction of Invaders #20.

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