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Synopsis for "The Six-Million Year Man!"

An alien, informally known as Hatch-22, arrives in the 20th century from six-million years in the future. Princess Zanda's men try to attack it, but Hatch-22 destroys them all with deadly micron ray blasts. The Black Panther prostrates himself before Hatch-22 in an act of servility. As Hatch-22 approaches closer however, the Black Panther springs forward and punches him in the head knocking him out.

After the confusion dies down, the Black Panther discovers that his friend Abner Little is not dead as he had believed. A bulletproof vest is responsible for saving Abner's life. The Panther grabs the brass Frog of King Solomon and tells the others that they must retrieve the Frog's twin – a control piece capable of sending Hatch-22 back to his native era.

As the future-man dreams, his thoughts become an ectoplasm view screen. The Black Panther, Abner Little and Zanda witness an Earth from six-million years in the future. They see Hatch-22 defending the planet from an alien threat with his vast mental powers.

Hatch-22 begins to awaken, and Mister Little zaps him with a special gun that disorients the brain. He then brings everyone deeper into his mountain lair where his advanced multi-plane is stored. With it, they intend on finding the second Frog and returning Hatch-22 to his native time period.

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