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Synopsis for "Race Against Time"

The Black Panther, Princess Zanda, Abner Little and the unconscious Hatch-22 pilot the multi-plane across the continent of Africa in search of the lost treasure of King Solomon. In particular, they need to find a twin control piece to the Brass Frog time machine so that they can send Hatch-22 back to his native era six-million years in the future.

They encounter a mysterious gray mountain range, which opens up before them revealing a huge hollowed out chamber ideal for landing a craft the size of Abner Little's multi-plane.

Upon landing however, Hatch-22 wakes up. Still disoriented from the chemical effects of Mister Little's weapon, he cannot focus his mental energies correctly. The Black Panther, Zanda and Little run for cover.

The Black Panther finds King Solomon's burial chamber, but a strange creature called an Ogar guards the entrance. The Black Panther tackles the Ogar creating a diversion that allows Little and Zanda to run off in another direction. Mister Little runs straight into Hatch-22 who begins firing at him with his mental micron rays. Little runs off through the maze and doubles back to the chamber where the Panther is fighting the Ogar. Hatch-22 fires another micron blast at Mister Little who artfully dodges out of the way. The stray blast strikes the Ogar destroying it.

With the guardian destroyed, the three adventurers now have access to all of the wealth of King Solomon. There is no time to enjoy it however as Hatch-22 is still firing upon them. They find the twin piece to the Brass Frog. Connecting the two pieces, they activate the time dilation effect and send Hatch-22 back to his future era.


  • The tagline for this issue is, "Lurking Evil Stalks the Haunted Halls!"

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