Quote1 Cold blooded female!! It's your weird band of Collectors who should be kept as curiosities in these tanks! You're no longer human! Quote2
-- Black Panther

Appearing in "Quest for the Sacred Water-Skin!!"

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Synopsis for "Quest for the Sacred Water-Skin!!"

Princess Zanda and her consortium of Collectors want the Black Panther to seek out the legendary Samurai Water-Skin of Eternal Youth. Abner Little is anxious to undertake the quest, but the Black Panther has little interest. Princess Zanda reveals that she has nuclear warheads trained on Wakanda and that she will launch them unless the Black Panther agrees to undertake the mission. Left with little choice, the Panther agrees.

They fly a transport craft to a foreign land following the map provided by Princess Zanda. A strange beam of flame erupts from the ground and damages the craft forcing them to land. The Black Panther and Mr. Little jump from the plane into a lake. They emerge and begin scaling the nearby cliffs. A legendary Yeti leaps out from a crag of rocks and attacks them. The two of them race around trying to avoid the monster's blows. The Black Panther erects a rudimentary lever system that launches a heavy rock that smashes the creature in the face, knocking it out.

After defeating the monster, they turn around and find a Samurai Ronin standing before them.

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