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Synopsis for "A Cup of Youth"

The Ronin assaults the Black Panther and T'Challa evades the Samurai's deadly sword thrusts. He quickly disarms the samurai and lays him low with a powerful punch. Defeated, the samurai instructs the Black Panther to take his life, but the Panther refuses.

The Black Panther asks the samurai to take him to his people. The samurai does so and they meet a group of immortal samurai deep inside a mountain. Mister Little takes off on his own and discovers a pool containing the coveted water of immortality.

The leader of the samurai tells the Black Panther that the only way to redeem the defeated Ronin's honor is to fight their champion in a physical duel. The Black Panther succeeds in defeating the champion and restoring the Ronin's honor. Things go awry however as the remaining samurai discover Mister Little stealing their sacred water.

Meanwhile back in Wakanda, General Jakarra, half-brother of T'Challa leads a coup against the acting council of the court.


  • With this issue, the cover price raises from 30¢ per copy to 35¢ per copy.

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