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Synopsis for "Drums!"

BP and Abner Little are surrounded in Samurai city. In order to save their lives, BP hands over the water of immortality and they are allowed to depart in a sub. In order to pass the time, BP tells Mr. Little of how the panther cult was founded to guard the Vibranium mound. After the sub arrives at its destination, BP and Mr. Little are picked up by one of Princess Zanda's aircraft and brought back to her. The collectors demand the water of immortality, and after BP relates recent events, Mr. Little reveals that he has managed to bring back a small vial of the water which he tosses to BP. The collectors struggle for it like animals, and when BP shrugs them off, Princess Zanda's guards open fire striking the vial. BP steals an aircraft and heads back to Wakanda, unaware that Jakarra has exposed himself to the Vibranium mound and undergone a physical mutation.

Appearing in "Thor in "The Ding-a-Ling Family""

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Synopsis for "Thor in "The Ding-a-Ling Family""

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