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Synopsis for "Black Musketeers"

T'Challa, carrying the unconscious Scarpa, collapses in the Sudanese desert and is rescued by the crew of a Star Wars-esque sci-fi movie being filmed in the area. The director, Mr.Gerard insists that T'Challa stay for questioning by the authorities considering he was found along with a wanted criminal. T'Challa, not wanting to delay his return to Wakanda any further, causes a distraction with the set's practical effects and hijacks a jeep to escape. When the authorities catch up to him in a plane, he surrenders himself in hopes of using the plane to get back home even faster.

Meanwhile, the ruling Panthers have donned costumes of their own as the Black Musketeers and take down Jakarra with a coordinated attack and knockout gas. Despite their success, N'Gassi isn't happy with the expenses that went into the team's special equipment and disagrees with Joshua Itobo's insistence on keeping Jakarra alive in hopes of finding a cure for his transformation. N'Gassi's fears are realized when Jakarra changes one step further, gaining the ability to shoot destructive beams from his palms and losing all sense of his original identity. Now a mindless beast, Jakarra escapes from his confinement and lumbers disastrously towards the Vibranium Mound.

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