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Appearing in "Cry, the Accursed Country!"

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Synopsis for "Cry, the Accursed Country!"

T'Challa is in the African veldt and stops the charge of a rampaging rhino. Suddenly two black panthers appear and attack him. This is practically unheard of, for it means that the Panther Spirit has left T'Challa.

In the neighboring country of Azania, a political prisoner endures brutal interrogation at the hands of his racist, white jailers. The man grows feral and transforms into a savage Man-Cat and slaughters the guards. News of this act gets out and the repressed citizens of Azania speak of revolution against their apartheid government.

In Wakanda, T'Challa returns to the throne, but his subjects know that the Panther Spirit has left him. He learns of the uprising in Azania and publicly denounces the actions of both the revolutionaries as well as the Azanian government.

The Man-Cat intensifies matters by slaughtering the Azanian governor in his home and a visiting member of the clergy. He then attacks the family of a housing developer responsible for bulldozing village shantytowns.

Back in Wakanda, an elder named Mendinao tells T'Challa that in order to maintain the mantle of the Black Panther, he must first endure the Ordeal of the White Ape. Part of this task requires ascending the mountains of the White Apes' territory and bringing back a leaf from a tree at the top of the mountain. T'Challa does so and engages in a fight against the mythological white apes.

When he returns, he discovers that his friend, Moise Bomvana, used a device to weaken the white apes, thereby giving T'Challa an unfair advantage. Although T'Challa was unaware of Bomvana's actions, he is forced to submit to an official tribunal to judge whether or not he is still fit to rule Wakanda.

In Azania, a shadowy figure conspires with his cohorts and promises to bring the "Black Panther" down.

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