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Quote1.png I see a great and new Wakanda -- the nation of my sons and their sons after them! Quote2.png
-- The Black Panther (T'Chaka)

Appearing in "The Story Thus Far"

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Synopsis for "The Story Thus Far"

T'Challa undergoes a government investigation into his activities. Captain America and Reed Richards give testimony on his behalf. While Agent Ross continues to insist that T'Challa has always shown erractic behavior throughout his career. Some discussion takes place after the hearing as to whether T'Challa joined the Avengers (back in Avengers #52 to spy on the outside world).

Later at Avengers Mansion Captain America and T'Challa have a further discussion and a taled is reminsced about a 1941 adventure where Cap traveled to Wakanda and encountered its ruler (T'Challa's father) T'Chaka. Cap is intigued about the new vibranium, rumored to be found in the region. Cap eventually earns T'Chaka's trust and respect. As such, the Wakandan king gives Cap a piece of Vibranium. In return Cap gives T'Chaka his triangular shield as a token of his trust.

In the present, T'Challa returns Cap's shield to him. Cap is delighted to see his "old friend", but he quickly gives it back to T'Challa saying that he had earned it. The story ends with Agent Ross being visited once again by Mephisto.


  • This issue features a letters page, Mail to the King. Letters are published from David Romeo, Jr., Sean Kleefeld, Paul Watson, Jason Smith, and Christopher Griffen.

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