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Quote1.png Don't worry. I will free you before you die. Live flesh is so much tastier! Quote2.png
Lyja, the Invisible Skrull

Appearing in "Absolutely No Way To Win (Part 3)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Skrull officer (First and only known appearance; dies)


Other Characters:

  • Doctor Strange (Mentioned)
  • Mister Fantastic (Mentioned)
  • Unnamed male Skrull (First and only known appearance; dies) (Impersonates Thanos)
  • Unnamed female Skrull (First and only known appearance; dies) (Impersonates Death)
  • Taptor (Last appearance)
  • Thanos (Mentioned; Impersonated identity)
  • Death (Mentioned; Impersonated identity)



Synopsis for "Absolutely No Way To Win (Part 3)"

Stuck in a downed Skrull ship on the Skrull home planet, the New Fantastic Four are attacked by a zombified Skrull Fantastic Four.

Black Panther gives the order to take out Lyja first, but Human Torch hesitates and is caught in a suffocating force bubble. T’Challa fires an energy dagger at her head, while Storm helps Johnny from the bubble, unfortunately he is immediately grabbed by the Elastic Skrull.

Just in time, Ben drives a huge piece of masonary down onto the Elastic Skrulls head. And while T’Challa gymnastically evades Skrull Torch, Storm blows the fiery Skrull out of the air, and impales him on a piece of debris. He tries to burn through the debris to escape, but Storm creates a rain storm, and douses his fire. The falling rain also betrays the whereabouts of the Invisible Skrull, who receives another energy dagger to the head. Though being zombified this merely scrambles her thought momentarily, as she quickly recovers from the severe brain trauma.

Just then, the Skrull ship begins to shake as Skrull Thing begins to lift it. Human Torch melts a section of the hull which covers Skrull Thing in molten metal, and through the newly burned hole, Storm freeze blasts Skrull Thing solid.

Lyja then pulls herself together for another attack, but is quickly decapitated by Black Panther, at which point, her still-live head rolls up behind Johnny and tries to bite his ankle. Just in time, T’Challa blasts Lyja’s head with a Skrull Pistol, but he is disarmed by Elastic Skrull, and pulled towards his mouth.

Ben crushes Elastic Skrull’s head between two large pieces of masonary, but, still holding T’Challa, he begins to slither out from between them. Johnny tries to burn the stretchy Skrull, with little effect. Then, knowing from past experience that T’Challa is insulated, Storm electrifies the Elastic Skrull with lightning. The Skrull General appears with an energy blade and attacks the downed zombie, but though he impales the zombie’s head, he is bitten on the arm.

Left with little choice, Black Panther orders Johnny to burn the two Skrulls. But behind them, having freed himself and being left with a giant hole through his torso, Skrull Torch stealthily approaches. As he attacks, however, he gets zapped by zombified Luke Cage’s Power Cosmic.

The Zombie Galacti seem reasonably sated as they appear to be think quite straight, as Giant Man demands the New Fantastic Four’s trans-dimensional device. Though Spiderman is still cut up by what he has become, the rest seem to have accepted it as an improvement. Wolverine, Hulk, and Luke Cage, have little reservations as they have always been quite animalistic anyway. Iron Man mentions that they have destroyed the greatest threats to Earth; the Shi’ar; and Badoon; and now Skrulls. Cage tells, Spiderman, to pull himself together and to ‘Man up!’

Taking advantage of the distraction, T’Challa uses Solomon’s Frog to teleport the FF away. But due to the unreliable nature of the frogs, they appear only about 100 yards away, at which point they slowly back up, and make their escape.

Hank looks on the bright side as he munches on some of the injured Skrulls in the ship, but Cage still wants the device. But as Wolverine looks for a snack, their galactic destruction appears to draws the attention of Thanos, and his mistress Death.

Thanos tells the Zombie Galacti that he once tried to destroy all life, and so admires them. He says that Death has a reward for them, an end to their undeadness, but they don’t want to die, Hank mentions that the Cosmic Cube could cure them.

Spidey, however, does want to die and surrenders to Tanos and Death, but nothing happens. Then Spidey smells something fishy; Skrull meat! Suddenly Thanos and his mistress disappear and are replaced by a Skrull couple, who beg for their lives and suggest a breeding programme., but unfortunately their breeding cycle is too long.

Meabwhile, the New FF are sprinting across the planet’s surface, away from the zombies.

After, all that meat, Hulk suddenly decides he wants ‘roughage’, and picks up a handful of dirt. They decide, then, to explore Galactus’ side to their powers, and get together and start consuming the planet.

Far away, the FF are knocked off their feet, and Storm senses the magnetic field shifting. They try to escape using the frog once more, but again it doesn’t take them far, and back into the clutches of the zombified bug.

Suddenly the whole planet goes up, and the Galacti are left floating amongst the planetary debris, Cage smacking his lips and commenting that it was good eating.


  • When the Galacti are confronted by "Thanos" and "Death", Iron Man asks where Dr. Strange is when you need him, and Luke Cage replies that they ate him. While the Galacti did kill the other zombies on Earth, this is an error, since Dr. Strange was buried under a pile of cars by Magneto, and would not return until Marvel Zombies 3.

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