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Quote1.png I'm going to take a wild guess: You're not here to recruit me. Quote2.png
Black Panther

Appearing in "The Deadliest of the Species, part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Deadliest of the Species, part 1"

Since the beginning of its existence, Wakanda has always been ruled by the Black Panther. There has only ever been one. Until now.

Queen Storm is on her way to attend a public relations ceremony with a school of students who know, quite literally, everything about the Wakandan Royal Family. In the middle of it, everyone sees T'Challa's/Black Panther's jet coming down, blazing with fire. Storm attempts to use her powers to slow the plane down but fails to as the jet crashes. She hurries past the emergency crews and is shocked at what she's seeing: her husband's badly burnt body. He mutters that he was ambushed before passing out. He is quickly rushed to a hospital and stabilized. More over, Wakanda needs a new Black Panther to defend their country against whoever attack T'Challa.

Five hours ago, T'Challa, accompanied by two of his Dora Milaje bodyguards, arrive at Namor's estate. Namor informs him of the "Cabal" Norman Osborn had formed, including Namor himself, Loki, Emma Frost, the Hood and Doctor Doom. He asks for T'Challa to join this illusive group so that Wakanda can be prepared for the upcoming war; T'Challa states that he did not join the Illuminati and would not for the Cabal too. He knows very well that Osborn is a madman and that his alliance will not last. He also adds that Wakanda defended itself against the Skrulls weeks ago. As soon as T'Challa and Namor part ways, the former's path to his personal jet is blocked by Doom himself and a squad of Doombots. And this time, Doom is not here to recruit him, but to kill him. T'Challa immediately prepares to fight him.

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