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-- Black Panther (Shuri)

Appearing in "Power, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Power, Part 5"

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Solicit Synopsis

“POWER,” PART 5 T'Challa prepares his Dora Milaje army to fight an unwinnable war, Storm battles an unstoppable and unnatural destructive force, and the new Black Panther wages war against an unbeatable foe: Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner! Guest-starring the Fantastic Four!


  • Shuri confronts Namor and attempts to goad him into admitting to T'Challa's attempted assassination.
  • Namor denies and tries to remain patient with Shuri's accusations.
  • With the media reporting on Wakanda's state of being. The people began to turn on Ororo; referring to her as an outsider and a witch.
  • The Dora Milaje continue to train.
  • Three of the Fantastic Four confront Namor and Shuri with the truth.

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