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Quote1.png T'Challa's condition makes me Queen of Wakanda, not the next Black Panther candidate by default. I will do everything in my power to assure that Wakanda is protected, but my place is by my husband's side. To find the new Black Panther, we need not leave this room. It is up to the Panther God to make the final choice, but it is my belief that she stands among us. Someone who's been training her whole life for this moment. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Deadlies of the Species, part 2"

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Synopsis for "The Deadlies of the Species, part 2"

Royal Physician B'Gali reports that King T'Challa's condition is tenuous at best and there may be chance that he will die. The Wakanda council then debates on what to do, as T'Challa's attacker might be planning an invasion. More importantly, they need to decide who should be the next Black Panther. Storm agrees, which confuses the council, who assumed that she would take up the role; Storm states that though she is queen of Wakanda, she is not the replacement by default. She suggests that Shuri, T'Challa's sister, take up the role.

Flashing back three hours earlier, T'Challa fights against Doom. But the Doom they destroy is a robot, the real one shows himself, attacking with an energy blast that burns T'Challa. One of the Dora Milaje urges her swordsister to take T'Challa away from the battle, as she uses an explosive on her chest in an attempt to destroy Doom, though he survives, as as T'Challa's plane leaves Namor's estate.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Africa, a cult is making the choice to uncage the "Lion" and strike at the Panther totem.

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