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Appearing in "The Deadliest of the Species, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "The Deadliest of the Species, Part 4"

A refugee from the Kingdom of the Man-Ape has come to warn Wakanda of a threat that is coming. He tells W’Kabi and S’yan that just after Man-Ape was advised of T’Challa’s apparent death, he was killed - consumed - by Morlun, the Devourer of Totems. Even though the Wakandans are skeptical of the man’s story, they decide to bolster their defenses just in case.

S’yan later learns that Queen Ororo and Ramonda have left the city for the northern provinces. S’yan connects the dots and urgently takes a car to the north to confront the witch doctor Zawavari. There, he tries to talk Ramonda out of using Zawavari’s mysticism, but Ramonda firmly reminds S’yan of his place.

Meanwhile, under Zuri’s guidance, Shuri ingests the heart-shaped herb in order to commune with Bast, the panther god, and obtain his blessing to take on the mantle of the Black Panther. Face-to-face with Bast in the spirit realm, Shuri proclaims that it is her destiny to become the Black Panther. Bast is unimpressed. The panther god scolds Shuri for her arrogance and tells her she will never be worthy of the mantle.

Death has come for T’Challa in Limbo, but T'Challa resists, insisting that his country needs him and it is not his time to die. Death produces T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, who tries to convince his son that it is OK to give up the fight. T’Challa sees through this ruse, however, and Death realizes T’Challa won’t come peacefully. Death summons hordes of the dead to force T’Challa into the light. T’Challa fights bravely but is about to be overwhelmed when a massive wind turns the skeletons to dust. Storm has come for her husband.

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