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Black Panther (Shuri)

Appearing in "The Deadliest of the Species, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "The Deadliest of the Species, Part 5"

In Limbo, Storm demands that Death release T’Challa. She calls upon the power of the winds to scatter Death and free her husband from his armies. With Death briefly defeated, T’Challa insists they go home, but Storm tells him she can’t return with him - she agreed to trade her life for his.

Morlun arrives at the outer walls of Wakanda. He is greeted with a massive bombardment of missiles, but emerges unscathed from the flames and the smoke. S’Yan and Zuri come to Shuri’s side as she awakens from her consultation with Bast, the panther god. They beg her to quickly don the Black Panther’s vestments and aid the fight against Morlun, but a dejected Shuri tells them Bast did not grant her his blessing.

Sometime later, Shuri and S’Yan contact Ramonda and tell her Storm’s help is needed. To their dismay, Ramonda says that Storm chose to exchange her life for T’Challa’s and is not coming back. S’Yan berates Ramonda for squandering a powerful weapon like Storm, leaving Wakanda defenseless against Morlun, particularly since Shuri failed in her quest to become the new Black Panther. The witch doctor Zawavari presses Shuri on why Bast let her live after her failure. Shuri then realizes she put too much stock in science and training, and did not trust enough in the old ways of Wakandan magic. She tells Zuri and W’Kabi that she has a plan to kill Morlun.

Zuri and W’Kabi stand guard outside Shuri’s chambers as Morlun advances, all destruction and raw power. The Wakandans charge Morlun, but the Devourer of Totems easily kills them both, then calmly approaches the tank where T’Challa’s broken body is being barely kept alive. Before he can feed, Morlun is impaled through the abdomen with a spear. He turns to face his attacker. Shuri, finally in the uniform of the Black Panther, tells him to prepare to face Wakanda’s claws.

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