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Synopsis for "Power: Part 2"

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“POWER,” PART 2 It’s a bloody struggle for power with the new Black Panther attacked on all fronts. Cyber-enhanced assassins are gunning for her – using technology whose origins will rock Wakanda to its foundations – and sexy new villain, Predator, is looking to make a trophy out of the her head. Meanwhile, T’Challa – no longer the Panther – embarks on a path that will take him down dark roads he’s never walked before. He’s gearing up for something really, really big. The question is, what?


  • Reports of Wakanda's economy is causing civil unrest.
  • T'Challa continues to train his body, much to the ire of his mother, wife, and doctor.
  • Shuri has only been appointed as the countries leader for a 'couple of months'.
  • Shuri gets a new habit, cloak, accessories, and weapons.

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