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Agent Wasp
I've gotta ask -- why the heck did T'Challa add him to the roster?
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Okoye (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Wakanda Forever Vol 1 1 cover 001.jpg
Director Okoye
The loincloth-wearing warrior who refuses all technology, the portly martial artist who eats like a pair of horses, the talking gorilla, the little alien, the cursed wolf-man... my King believes these people are suitable for the dangerous tasks set before us. I am reserving judgement at this time.
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Appearing in "Eye of the Storm: Part 1 of 2"

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Synopsis for "Eye of the Storm: Part 1 of 2"

Wasp and Colonel Jameson are stopping the Scavengers, who are stealing S.H.I.E.L.D. tech. Jameson turns into the Man-Wolf to save Wasp, but ends up freaking out. Okoye and Wasp consider why the Black Panther chose the team. Black Panther and Fat Cobra are joined by Wasp and Okoye in the Garden aboard the Agents of Wakanda Helicarrier. Okoye tells them of the other team members current positions. Black Panther alerts them of a strange happening in a small town in Oklahoma. They travel there, to find it attacked by the Void's shadow army. In the fight, Fat Cobra finds the Sentry...

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From the pages of Jason Aaron’s AVENGERS! Vampires. Aliens. Angry fish kings. Black Panther’s hand-picked Agents of Wakanda can handle it all. And who better to lead them than the king of the world’s most technologically evolved country? Wakanda is making waves on the world’s map – and not everyone’s a fan. With General Okoye’s help, T’Challa will take Gorilla-Man, Ka-Zar and Wasp on a global fight for survival – to handle threats S.H.I.E.L.D. could only dream of!


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