Black Patch was a modern day pirate who in 1946 was hired by Isbisa to keep the All-Winners Squad busy while Isbisa stole an atomic bomb.

Black Patch and his gang went to Bering Straight to rob an Eskimo trading post. They were opposed by the Sub-Mariner and Toro. The pair stopped the theft and prevented an avalanche. Following the gang's back to the to Black Patch's ship, the Sub-Mariner was weakened from being close to Toro's flame. Toro was knocked out by an exploding harpoon and Namor was captured. Namor tricked Black Patch and his men to throw him overboard. Revitalized by the water, Namor rescued Toro from drowning and then they worked together to force a whale to ram Black Patch's ship. Namor and Toro then rounded up Black Patch and his men, turning them over to the authorities.

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Black Patch commanded his own ship which had a harpoon gun that fired exploding missiles. He also had a fleet of skidoos.

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