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The Black Plague[1][2] (also known as Black Death)[3] was a plague epidemic that annihilated half of Europe,[1] from Great Britain[6] to Kazakhstan[2]


Many unrelated origins have been given as explanations for the Black Plague:

  • It was caused by the Yersinia pestis bacterium.[2]
  • It was caused by a Primal Scream originated from a cosmic being (a "truly" cosmic being who "got his knickers in a twist").[1]
  • When the Sorcerers Guild attempted to expel the Cat People, two of them escaped and one of those two, Flavius, retaliated by throwing a potion at Orann, which sent him fleeing out into town where he inadvertently spreads a new disease. The two cat people guilty for their actions hoped to cure the plague they released on the world.[7]

Black Plague spots


In 1347, in South Wales, villagers accused Andras' Killcrop (birth-activated mutant) son Dafydd of causing the plague.[6]

When the villagers torched his house, Dafydd used his aerokinetic powers to stop the flames, only propagating them to the rest of the village.[6]

Crimea and Kazakhstan

Around the same period, in Crimea, the Proto-Mutants who lived as a tribe apart from the local humans were immune to the Black Plague. As the humans spotted that immunity, their fear and anger grew. They captured and killed Proto-Mutant Ister's sister, possibly drinking her blood, seeking for a cure.[3]

The Proto-Mutants retreated further into the hills but were slaughtered by the humans and buried in a mass grave near Kuryk, Kazakhstan, off the Caspian Sea.[3]

Super-beings involvement

Before winter 1374, Albert Destine attempted to use his healing power to stem the Plague, having greatly suffered from it (causing his father Adam and his brother Thaddeus to escort him to the Shalu Monastery in Shigatse).[4]

Black Axe battled the undead in Europe during the Black Death.[8]

Black Plague's end

The Inhuman corporation Ennilux was instrumental into ensuring that mankind survived the Black Plague.[9]

Helene and Flavius of the Cat People, guilty over the release of the plague attempted to find a cure. In their old age they was successful saving the human race.[10]


The Proto-Mutant mass grave was later dug up by Dr. David Michael Gray, who hired another scientist to harvest and weaponize the plague. This led to the discovery of the Proto-Mutants.[2]


If their numbers hadn't been culled because the cats were (allegedly) in league with the Devil, they might have prevented the Bubonic Plague in Europe.[5]

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