Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Time Gem
  • Time Gem's pocket reality in Los Angeles
    • Warstrike (Brandon Tark)
    • Solitaire (Nicholas Lone)
    • Jamie Tark
    • Shuriken (Brittany Chien)
    • Necromantra


Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

After Black Knight shattered Nemesis' crown, the Infinity Gems scattered. The Ego Gem's essence is split among the Power, Mind, Soul, and Space Gems, allowing them each to take on living autonomous forms of their own. The Time and Reality Gems, rebelling from the destructive intentions of the others, remain in their original forms and set events in motion to preserve the fabric of existence in the aftermath of Nemesis' destruction. Waves of Nemesis' energy begin to explode outward, threathening to warp reality beyond recognition. To mitigate this, the Time Gem freezes the nanosecond of their separation and ends up in a bubble reality around Los Angeles where warped versions of Warstrike and Necromantra rule over the post-apocalyptic hellscape. Warstrike's daugther, Jamie holds the Time Gem and its powers keep the area stable and grants visions of the future to her. The Reality Gem finds and joins with Amber Hunt, returning her to sanity, shielding her from the Nemesis waves, and explaining to her the mission to reunite with the Time Gem and stop the Nemesis waves. Her invasion of Los Angeles as a woman cloaked in flames is foretold in Jamie's prophesy as one who will take the king away, leading the local rebels to react with interest and the ruling class to attempt her execution. Eventually, Amber is able to explain the situation and convince Warstrike to give up the Gem to save reality.

Amber, together with the Time and Reality Gems, returns to the nanosecond of Nemesis' destruction to absorb and safely convert the waves of creative force, leaving only the initial wave that the Marvel Universe and Ultraverse must weather on their own. Their work complete, the Gems scatter again and Amber returns to her fate.

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