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The Black Spectre first appeared when they hired the Beetle to steal certain government plates for them, but Daredevil stopped him, only to realize he was a distraction and the plates were stolen by the Spectre already.

Soon after, they kidnapped and brainwashed Black Widow, Daredevil's girlfriend and ally at that time. Trying to investigate Black Spectre's real goals, Daredevil discovered that their leader was Mandrill, who used his pheromones to mind-control women to work for the Black Spectre. Mandrill intended to use his group to overthrown the government of United States and start a reign of chaos. Even with the help of the Thing and Shanna the She-Devil, the Spectre was hard to defeat.[1][2]

Sometime later, they resurfaced as one of the many organizations that formed an alliance with Hydra, A.I.M., the Secret Empire, Agence Byzantine, and Roxxon Oil.[citation needed]

When Daredevil stole the Omegadrive, an object that contained data on each crime organization, from them, Agencé Byzantine tried many times to retrieve it, as well as the rest of the organizations. Black Spectre also framed the Black Cat for theft in an attempt to recruit her to steal the Omegadrive back, but she backed out of their deal and left a note to warn Matt. With help from Reed Richards, Daredevil was able to send the information of Black Spectre to the Daily Bugle resulting in Black Spectre being shut down as a warning to the other crime organizations.[citation needed]

Later on, hoping to get the other Megacrime organizations off his back, Daredevil had his teammates in the New Avengers disguise themselves as Black Spectre agents so that they could steal the drive, fooling the other organizations into thinking Black Spectre has it, when in fact they no longer existed.[citation needed]

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