The Black Sun is a star located in the midst of the Dark Nebula. It has one known planet, Wraithworld, and is the source of the mystical powers of the Dire Wraiths. The Black Sun and its planet Wraithworld have the distinction of being unable to be digested by Galactus after being led there by Rom in exchange for not devouring the Spaceknight's homeworld of Galador.[1] Until recently, the Black Sun was being cloaked by the Galadorians from a space station known as The Keep to prevent its arcane energies from empowering the Dire Wraiths.[2]

Years later, Doctor Dreed used stolen information to relocate the Black Sun to the home system of Galador to where it began to consume the native star, causing both to begin to go supernova. In order to save Galador, the Annihilators retrieved Wraithworld from Limbo and placed it in a balanced orbit with Galador on opposing sides of the conjoined stars. The Silver Surfer guided Ronan the Accuser and Quasar to channel their energies to fuse the two stars together. One half is the Black Sun emitting its dark light upon Wraithworld while the other half emits the natural light upon Galador.[3]


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