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To escape New York City and explore the possibilities of their relationship, the Black Widow and Matt Murdock moved to San Francisco. Using the last of her disposable income, the Black Widow rented this mansion and lived there with Matt Murdock and her chauffeur/guardian Ivan Petrovich. The lease was paid in full for one year.[1]

The mansion's locale and the public knowledge that Romanova and Murdock lived there made the site a hot bed for confrontation. With a firm belief that Matt Murdock was, in fact, Daredevil, the Blue Talon came to the mansion to kill Murdock. Later Hawkeye came to the mansion and confronted Daredevil about his relationship with his old girlfriend Natasha. Finally, the Avengers came to the mansion to recruit Daredevil and the Black Widow to join the Avengers.

Later, Murdock moves out of the mansion back to New York never to return.[2] After losing her lease, the Widow also moved back to New York[3]

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Beautiful Bay Window destroyed by a battling Daredevil and Hawkeye.



  • Matt Murdock and Ivan Petrovich lived on the second floor of the mansion while Natalia Romanova lived on the ground level.[1]

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