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Originally Natasha’s gauntlets were more akin to bracelets (actually they are called bracelets by the KGB), and they had no offensive purpose. Like Spider-Man’s web-shooters, they generated a piece of string for her to swing around on (a "Widow's Line"), but unlike Spider-Man's web-shooters, they couldn’t tie up enemies or incapacitate.[1]

The gauntlets were later improved upon by the Widow when she had a sudden inspiration to try and find a way to combine Spider-Man's powers with her own abilities. She decided to abandon her old costume and design a new one, as part of her "rebirth." The newly designed gauntlets were described as shooting ropes and venom-sting bracelets.[2]

It has been stated by Natasha that at times each gauntlet has weighed four kilos, leading her to almost blow her own hand off on one occasion and that the parts were difficult to replace especially while in the field.[3]

The current gauntlets and the equipment it contains are upgraded and maintained by S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Widow, by being the owner, herself. Natalia Romanoff uses a number of special equipment contained in her gauntlets:

Black Widow Gauntlets from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 2

Black Widow's Gauntlets

  • Widow's Line - Retractable grappling hook and cable connected to the gauntlets, mostly used for rooftop gliding, rappelling and climbing up steep cliffs and hills.
  • Widow's Kiss - An aerosol instant knock-out drug, pioneered by Russian Spetsnaz. When used it appears to be purplish pink fumes that can knock out a person for more than twenty hours.
  • Widow's Bite - A high frequency electrostatic charge that also act as percussive energy blasts, that it effects can be felt for at least a month. It can deliver charges up to 30,000 volts. The "Bite" can be set to deliver minor shocks that causes stunning or high voltage currents that can be lethal.
  • Explosives - There are many types of explosives stored in the gauntlet which includes grenades and other types of explosives that can cause damage to an opponent.
  • Tear Gas Pellets - There is also tear in the gauntlet that can cause blindness when released. It can also cause the opponent to be knocked unconscious.
  • Radio Transmitter - This enable Widow to lock on to a target and track its every move. If placed on a moving vehicle like a car or bike, it enables Widow to track down their location.

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

Black Widow's Gauntlets from Captain America The Winter Soldier 001

Black Widow's Gauntlets

Black Widow's uses prototype gauntlets with electrical weapons, created by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Tech Directorate, that can deliver powerful shocks from two shaped bracelets for the Black Widow. They light up with blue lines when activated and allow their wielder to electrocute their enemy on contact.[4]

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