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Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

Appearing in "I Am the Black Widow (Part 4)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Olio
    • Apogee

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "I Am the Black Widow (Part 4)"

An exhausted Craig finalizes the cure for the Widows, Lucy goes into Natasha's room to take a track suit as her outfit to go into the fray to deliver the cure. Craig opposes her plan as she still has the risk of her powers killing her, but stedfast with her conviction, Craig also readies a syringe antidote for her for after the mission. At the fight, Natasha sees the the defending Olio begin to disintegrate from their artificial powers, to which Apogee tries passing as her doing. Overrun by the Olio, Kate Bishop's arrival as Natasha's backup provides the needed cover for the heroes to control the scene and Natasha to chase Apogee.

When Lucy and Craig arrive on scene, Anya seals the room as he readies the gaseous antidote and Yelena defends him as Lucy races to give Natasha support. Chasing Apogee, Natasha ponders why he doesn't simply fight her in his augmented state and activates a boost function to brawl Apogee atop a narrow catwalk. Having forced off his mask, Apogee desperately consumes his last four vials to further overpower himself, but gets distracted in ranting about justifying his actions for Lucy to save Natasha by injecting the antidote into Apogee. Kicking him off into a chemical vat below, Lucy's powers start overloading before Natasha can give her the antidote.

Unable to turn off the physical change in her arms, Natasha hands Lucy her insulated gloves to help and they return to the others. As they try explaining to the Olio about the serum, Lucy steps up and shows her condition from a last second antidote to get the message across. With the situation (mostly) completed, the Olio realized their manipulation, Craig heads home to sleep, and Kate joins Natasha's group to get much needed food in them. Elsewhere, Apogee's hand pops out of the vat Natasha threw him in.

Solicit Synopsis


Things are looking grim for the Black Widow as Apogee and his superhuman forces them back into a corner! With Lucy’s powers still a possible death sentence and the Widows on the run, who will save San Francisco from Apogee...and who will save the Olio from themselves? “I Am the Black Widow” ends here, and a new power emerges as superstars Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande launch Natasha Romanoff into a new deadly era!

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