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Quote1.png Anyone who can make me ditch my shoes is worth chasing. Quote2.png
Natasha Romanoff

Appearing in "Widows"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Apogee (Behind the scenes)
  • The Olio (Unnamed)
    • Unnamed super-powered Apogee henchmen

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Widows"

Six days ago, Natasha clocked a pickpocket scouting her for a swipe, and while in pursuit, Natasha was impressed by her raw talent. Giving her a lecture upon catching up, Marigold's apprehension and desperation conveyed a larger problem. Drawing Natasha's concern, she traded her wallet for all the others Marigold took in exchange for no police involvement. Deducing Marigold was reporting to someone, Natasha planned to use the tracker in her wallet to find her later. Yet despite Natasha's refusal, Yelena proposed recruiting Marigold for her "ambitious" plan for protecting San Francisco.

In a mall somewhere in San Francisco at night, Natasha narrowly defeated a huge henchman of Apogee's, a new and unidentified supervillain, by breaking his arms and tasering him unconscious. Natasha then gave herself first aid in a closed Pharmacy, thinking of times with James and Stevie. Losing her signal with Yelena, an injured Natasha grappled up just below the penthouse to fight Apogee, and subdued a couple stray super henchmen. Wall-crawling up, she blasted through a window and smoke bombed the enemies inside to have them take each other out. With Apogee not present and finding the last guy standing, she relayed a message with him to Apogee. Having attempted a call to Yelena with an update, Natasha also relayed she was rescuing Marigold to bring to her home.

Solicit Synopsis


Natasha Romanoff has just been through the most emotional adventure of her long life, and the experience has left her looking to do things a bit differently. Allies new and old will come to her aid for this bold new mission best described as...San Francisco now belongs to THE BLACK WIDOW.

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