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White Widow
Why do we not put our base in this neighborhood... much nicer than where we are.
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Black Widow
That's sorta the point, Yelena. I want to be where the people who need us are. How will we know what this city needs if we put ourselves above it?
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Appearing in "I am the Black Widow, Part Two of Four"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Olio

Other Characters:

  • Stevie (Only in flashback)
  • James (Mentioned)
  • Apogee (Mentioned)
  • Aldrich Lux Voss (Photo)
  • Craig (First appearance)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "I am the Black Widow, Part Two of Four"

Awaiting a tardy Anya in the playground of an upscale San Francisco neighborhood, Natasha reminds Yelena that they need to hear the problems of the city so they cannot relocate to a fancy neighborhood with docility. But as Natasha gets lost thinking of Stevie, Yelena gets her to talk about her feelings. Natasha opens up on the paradoxical situation of loving the family she was made to have with rage at losing them after genuinely loving them, while also grateful to having had them yet angry they were thrust upon her with the brainwashing. Seeing her situation as anathema, Natasha finds it hard to process what to do in response, with Yelena successfully offering violent justice on behalf of innocent people as a goal. Anya arrives disguised as a vagrant to relay her intel, making a positive impression on Yelena. With Apogee spooked after the church, Anya is warned to watch what the The Olio feed her, as Yelena and Natasha pursue different investigative avenues.

At The Web, a terrified Lucy talks to Gumby's amorphous remains, calling him Stan as she doesn't know his name, and have Natasha promise not to leave her alone should she meet the same outcome. Going off the name Voss name, Natasha shows photographs to Lucy who recognizes and identifies Voss, who Natasha confirms is millionaire Aldrich Lux Voss. Knowing his name, Lucy notices the shell company "Hux Advisors LLC" is an anagram for Voss's full name, impressing Natasha until she remembers that is the location Yelena went to. Over in the Tenderloin, Anya infiltrates an Apogee gathering in an abandoned building owned by Voss, and stumbles upon Apogee readying serums for new Olio members. Using webs to destroy the supply and takes a sample from afar, Anya barely escapes the empowered enemies as she blows her cover.

As Natasha reaches Yelena's location, she sees overhead Yelena surrounded by empowered Olio, and drops in to takedown much of the forces to free her. On Yelena's guidance, Natasha moves to exfil an intern in the corner, Craig, via attaching her chute-pack to him so he para-glides out the window to safety. But turning around, an electric Olio holds Yelena and electrocutes her in front of Natasha, seemingly killing her. Killing the Olio, Natasha desperately moves to check on Yelena, with more Olio closing in fast and with no backup.

Solicit Synopsis

The Black Widow races to learn the secrets behind Apogee and the powers of the Olio. Meanwhile, the White Widow is recruiting – but is the newly powered Lucy ready? The Widows' spy-der on the inside, Anya Corazon, hunts for answers, but she's running out of time—and headlong into danger. Don't miss the beginning of a new era for the Black Widow—and her web of spy-ders!

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