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Black Widow

Appearing in "I am the Black Widow, Part Three of Four"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Olio
    • Apogee

Other Characters:

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  • Stolen getaway car

Synopsis for "I am the Black Widow, Part Three of Four"

With Yelena not breathing and The Olio swarming her, Natasha works through the pain to beat back the Olio and resuscitate Yelena. With a memory of Stevie motivating her, Natasha escapes the Olio and neutralizes them with a suit function. She is surprised by Lucy's arrival, who uses her electric powers to resuscitate Yelena by defibrillating in one shot. With the Olio standing back up, Natasha thanks Lucy for saving Yelena and gives her a spare parachute to exfiltrate Yelena as Natasha banzai jumps out. At ground level, Natasha returns with a car and takes the girls away, with Yelena thankful but threatening to kill her if she tried that again.

Back at their W.E.B. HQ, Yelena is moved the infirmary area while Anya reveals she had to break cover and took a sample of serum, and brought up Craig was still locked in a closet. With her suit's self healing function, Natasha foregoes medical attention to talk with Craig, showing him the consequence of Gumby turning into goop to show the direct result of Apogee's serum. Convinced, Craig spent the whole night developing a counteragent, but once is still unfinished once the next day arrives and there's only a few hours until the mass dosing of Apogee's followers, a result of Black Widow's group interrupting his plans. With Lucy helping Craig expedite the cure development in the kitchen-turned-lab, she makes him a snack as he explains his powers of "super-guessing" probability manipulation. As he feels horrible for his helping Apogee, Lucy reminds him that his powers did change the odds so that someone good would help Black Widow develop a cure, a viewpoint that cheers him up.

With an evaluation of the powers eating through her, compared to another Olio, the powers only do so from over-usage, so Lucy aims to get justice against Apogee the first chance she could. At Apogee's ceremony, the women review the plan to grab the serum and grab Apogee without hurting many of the Olio. As the ceremony begins, the trio breach into the gathering, and take down the Olio. With nobody in the room to protect him, Apogee is at the Widow's mercy until he takes offense to her belief that she knows who he is. When Apogee eats a pill within his mask, Natasha initially mistakes it for a cyanide pill until the villain grows to Hulk-sized proportions with additional powers.

Solicit Synopsis

The Black Widow and her team learn the source of the Olio’s powers — and the bleak fate of those in thrall to Apogee, including Natasha’s protégée, Lucy, whose time is running out. Natasha and Apogee go head-to-head for the future of San Francisco, but Natasha will risk everything to protect her city and the new life she’s built there.

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