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Upon arriving in Earth-14412, Gorr claimed a desolate planet at the edge of space and turned it into his base of operations.[2] Constructing a citadel using the All-Black symbiote, Gorr and his Black Berserkers set out to pillage the cosmos, capturing and enslaving countless deities from various pantheons until only All-Father Thor Odinson was left. The gods' weapons were taken from them and buried deep in the planet's crust;[4] and over the next 900 years, Gorr forced his god-slaves to build the Godbomb around the Pool of Forevers pillaged from the Time Gods of Chronux, sending them to mine broken planets and the cores of stars for unstable matter. Gods who displeased Gorr were executed via crucifixion, and their bodies were cast out into orbit to feed the Starsharks.[1]

Gorr's dark world was destroyed when it was cast into a black hole by All-Father Thor in an attempt to destroy the All-Black symbiote.[3]

Points of Interest

  • Gorr's tower
  • City of the God-Slaves
  • Mount of the Godbomb



  • Similarly to Klyntar, Gorr's dark world is at least partially comprised of living abyss, enabling Gorr to manipulate its structure using the All-Black symbiote.[4]

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