Quote1 Unnh! Sonic blasts from the one with the big mouth -- Defenin' -- Quote2
-- Sabretooth

The original Blackagar Boltagon was killed by his brother Maximus, alongside the entire Inhuman Royal Family. Maximus used his brother's corpse to create a clone, which he exposed to the Terrigen Mists. The Mists gave the clone powers similar to those of the original Black Bolt, though far weaker. The Mists also mutated the clone into a monstrous aberration under Maximus' mind control. In control of the Inhuman kingdom, Maximus bought his way into the servitude of Apocalypse, becoming the Horseman of Death. However, Death planned on taking the place of the High Lord.

When the X-Men appeared on the Blue Area of the Moon believing they would find Apocalypse, they faced Death and his Inhuman strikeforce, with Black Bolt among them. Black Bolt sparred against Sabretooth, but was taken out by Nightcrawler.

Blackagar Boltagon (Clone) (Earth-295) 001

Black Bolt attacks

Despite the Inhuman's initial victory, they were killed when Ship was destroyed by Sunfire. Black Bolt was among those killed.


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