Black Bolts's history was similar to his Earth-616 counterpart in during the climax of the the Superhuman Registration Civil War, Nova arrived and forewarned the heroes of Earth of the coming of the Annihilation Wave that will destroy the planet. After several battles, Nova traveled to the moon to seek aid from the Inhuman Royal family. They put aside there differences and joined the fight, including Black Bolt. the Watcher revealed the Terminus Device which would suck Annihilus and his forces into a dimension of nothing, however the Moon and Attilan would be destroyed. Black Bolt and Medusa agreed and evacuated the city and were used to lure Annihilus close. They contacted Annihilus and pretended to give up the devices location in order to spare the destruction of the city. The group evacuated the Moon and watched as Annihilus was defeated, and mourned the loose of Attilan. [1]


Seemingly those of Black Bolt of Earth-616.

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