Born into the royal family of the Inhumans, Black Bolt was destined to take the throne of Attilan. Like all Inhumans, when Black Bolt came of age, he was exposed to the mutating Terrigen Mists. After the treatment, Black Bolt became able to absorb solar energy to become superhumanly strong and capable of flight. His primary power, however was a destructive shock wave released if he so much as whispered. Black Bolt spent years in training so he would be able to go through life without uttering a single sound, even in his sleep.[citation needed]

When Black Bolt's beloved Medusa disappeared from Attilan, he abandoned his throne, leaving the Inhumans under the command of his younger brother, Maximus. Taking his fellow royals into the outside world, the group discovered Medusa on an island called Manhattan. When they attempted to retrieve her, their efforts were countered by a group of four humans with powers not unlike their own, including a rock-skinned giant capable of surviving even Black Bolt's Master Blow.[1]


Seemingly those of Black Bolt of Earth-616.


Black Bolt's Suit


Flight under his own power

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