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A number the incidents recounting Black Bolt's life are cited to have occurred in specific decades relative to the era of publication. However, it should be noted that the so-called "modern era" of the Earth-616 universe operates on a Sliding Timescale. As such these events could not have occurred in the times they appeared due to the fact that it would drastically age the character.

As Inhumans age much slower than humans some elements of her life prior to the birth of the Fantastic Four may be tied to specific dates. However as of this writing there are few specific examples of this, and as such most events in Black Bolt's life prior to the birth of the Fantastic Four should be considered as happening relative to a number of years prior to the beginning of the Modern Age than a specific date unless otherwise specified.

Early life


Terrigenesis from Secret Invasion Inhumans Vol 1 3 0001

Being exposed to the Terrigen Mists while still in the womb. [1]

Blackagar Boltagon, or simply Black Bolt, is a member of the Inhumans an offshoot of humanity that was genetically altered by the Kree centuries ago. [2] The Inhumans kept themselves hidden from humanity in their city known as Attilan (also known as the Great Refuge) out of fear for centuries, developing a high technological society with a focus on genetics. With the discovery of the Terrigen Mist, the Inhumans would expose themselves to it in order to gain fantastic abilities. [3][2] He was one of two children of Agon and Rynda. [4] Black Bolt was born over 100 years ago, [note 1] and while most Inhumans are typically exposed to the Terrigen Mists after obtaining a degree of merit, Black Bolt was exposed to the mists while still in his mothers womb. [5][1][note 2] After Black Bolt was born, Agon began to run experiments on his son in order to learn how the mists effected him. They were surprised to find that he had an incredibly destructive voice that could not be controlled. When Bolt first cried, he caused an entire building collapsed, but saved himself from being crushed to death thanks to his control over electrons creating a shield. Agon realized that his son had to be isolated until such a time that he could control his powerful voice. [4] This decision was also further decreed by the Genetics Council who governed over the Inhumans. [6]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) as an infant from Thor Vol 1 148

Black Bolt as an infant. [4]

His brother was born to the name Maximus. Maximus's gifts were attuned to those of Black Bolt, so that Black Bolt could in normal circumstances resist his control, and conversely, Black Bolt's voice in certain circumstances could unlock and expand Maximus's mind. This was kept secret from Black Bolt.[7] Agon was the head of the House of Agon, who later became the royal family of the Inhumans. Black Bolt was cousins to Medusa and her younger sister Crystal as well as Gorgon, Karnak and Triton. [8]. Medusa was betrothed to marry Black Bolt, who was slated to succeed the Inhuman throne, [9] but due to Black Bolt's powerfully destructive voice, he was isolated from society for many years. [4]


Black Bolt remained in isolation until he reached the age of 19 and mastered the ability to remain silent. It was then he was physically introduced to his extended family. Jealous of his brother from the start, Maximus used a device to try and force Black Bolt to speak, hoping that the destructive power of his voice would eliminate any chance of Blackagar succeeding as ruler of the Inhumans. However Bolt's cousins came to his aid, stopping Maximus before he could succeed. [8]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) fighting Maximus in Avengers Vol 1 95

Battling his brother Maximus. [10]

As they grow older, Black Bolt and his brother Maximus shared a brotherly bond that slowly got soured with age, particularly with the awakening of Maximus' mental powers, giving him rudimentary mind control abilities. Later, Bolt discovered his brother attempting to ally himself with the Kree in order to take control of the Inhuman throne. Confronting his brother, Black Bolt was forced to unleash his destructive voice to stop the Kree ship from escaping. This was a two fold tragedy, as the sound of Black Bolt's voice drove Maximus mad, and the crashing Kree ship slew their parents.[10]

Black Bolt befriended an Alpha Primitive named Elisha, who helped him and his cousins escape to New York when their king, the Unspoken, mistakenly believed them guilty of plotting treason. It was actually the Alpha Primitives in revolt, led by Elisha who was a human turned into an Alpha Primitive by the Slave Engine. Returning to Attilan, Black Bolt pledged to free the Alphas when he became king. Elisha nonetheless went forward with his plan to use the Slave Engine against the Inhumans, but was defeated with the help of Maximus. The king offered his crown to Black Bolt, who refused.[11] However, later, when the young Inhuman royals learned that their cousin and ruler had hidden the Slave Engine, the Inhumans most powerful weapon, in order to usher in an age of peace, they boldly confronted him. This led to a battle between the king and Black Bolt. Because he was weakened from hiding the engine the king was easily defeated in combat by Black Bolt. Medusa then witnessed as Black Bolt took him to the Himalayan Mountains. Black Bolt disposed the king by uttering his name, devastating him in a powerful sonic blast and leaving him for dead. This shameful chapter in Inhuman history was then covered up, with Black Bolt's father apparently taking up leadership of the Inhumans. The former ruler referred to only as the "Unspoken". However this event would have far reaching consequences many years in the future. [12]

Subsequently, Black Bolt found himself in line for the Inhuman throne, and ruled over the Inhumans for years.


Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) ruling over his people from What If Vol 1 30

Black Bolt ruling over his people. [13]

For years Attilan resided in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, but by the 1950s the increasingly xenophobic Inhumans began to fear that regular humans would eventually encroach on their home. Black Bolt then ventured out from the Hidden Land to try and find a new location for their secret society. Bolt ended up crossing paths Ikaris, a member of the Eternals, another offshoot of humanity. Intrigued by Black Bolt's similarities to himself, Ikaris took the Inhuman ruler to the Eternals home of Olympia to meet their ruler Zuras. There Black Bolt was able to communicate his plight and Zuras agreed to offer the Eternals to help. Zuras then recommended that the Inhumans relocate to a remote region of the Himalayan Mountains, clearing a path for the Inhumans to build. [14] Black Bolt returned to his people with this news, which was met with mixed response. Initially Black Bolt intended to rebuild Attilan, but upon hearing the cries of a young child agreed to move the entire city. Although the Inhuman scientists balked at this idea, they eventually pulled the feat off and were assisted by the Eternals who ensured that Attilan was delivered to its new location undetected. [13]

Due to his crimes against society, Maximus was locked away for years but he eventually used his mental powers to coerce three of the Alpha Primitives slave class. He compelled them to expose themselves to the Terrigen Mists transforming them into an entity known as the Trikon. The Trikon then compelled the Alpha Primitives to revolt against their suppressors. During the ensuing uprising, Medusa attempted to confront the Trikon on a sky sled, but it blasted her ship causing her to crash somewhere outside of the Great Refuge. The crash had stricken Medusa with amnesia and she wandered away from the ensuing battle which was eventually ended, but with Maximus taking control of the Inhuman throne and exiling his cousins. Black Bolt and his family were forced out of Attilan and spent the ensuing years searching for sign that Medusa might be alive. [15]

A differing account states that the danger posed to Attilan came from a conflict between the Chinese government and the people of Tibet. While trying to develop a means to hide their society from outsiders, Black Bolt was injured while testing out one of the devices created by Maximus. This account states that Crystal was already aware of the existence of the Fantastic Four prompted Medusa to leave the Great Refuge to seek them out for assistance while Black Bolt recovered from his injuries. Left to the tyranny of Maximus, the Royal Family later fled to find Medusa after Black Bolt was well enough and after hearing that Medusa had joined the ranks of the Frightful Four. [16]

Modern Age


Their search eventually brought the Inhumans to New York City, where they established a temporary home below a Brooklyn tenement slated for demolition. While out exploring one night Crystal happened to cross paths with the Human Torch, member of the heroic Fantastic Four. The pair were smitten by each other from the first, and after a quick chase, Crystal mistook Johnny Storm for an Inhuman due to his flame powers. When Gorgon successfully returned with Medusa, she recognized him as her former foe and a battle broke out. During the conflict, Johnny was able to summon his comrades in the Fantastic Four, while the Inhumans summoned their leader Black Bolt. [17][18] [note 3] During the battle the Inhumans deduced that the Seeker was after them when Triton went missing during the ensuing battle. Using Lockjaw they fled the scene by teleporting back to the Great Refuge. [19]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) reclaims the Inhuman royal crown from Fantastic Four Vol 1 47

Black Bolt reclaims the Inhuman royal crown. [20]

When faced with his insane brother once again, Black Bolt fought through an army of Alpha Primitives and reclaimed the Inhuman crown from Maximus. The Fantastic Four soon discovered and arrived at the Great Refuge and confronted Medusa and the others, Mister Fantastic pleading them to reveal themselves to humanity outside. However Maximus was not totally defeated as he intended to use his Atmo-Gun to wipe out the human race so the Inhumans could take over the entire world. [20][21] Before Maximus could activate the Atmo-Gun, Black Bolt destroyed the device, saving the lives of every human on Earth. In one last ditch effort, Maximus scored a Pyrrhic victory by activating a device that surrounded Attilan with a "Negative Zone" barrier, forcing the Fantastic Four out while trapping the Inhumans within. [22][18] [note 4] Black Bolt and Gorgon then went after Maximus and the Seeker. During the ensuing clash, Maximus briefly took control of Black Bolt's mind with his mental powers. However, when the Seeker tried to shoot Gorgon, he grabbed his cousin and used Black Bolt's tuning fork to deflect the blast. The energies of the Seeker's weapon were redirected into the mind of Maximus driving him even more insane than ever before, and stripping him of his mental powers. Gorgon then slew the Seeker. With the battle over, Black Bolt began focusing on how to free his people from captivity. [15]


Finding themselves trapped behind the Negative Zone barrier, Black Bolt began to puzzle out a means to break through the barrier. [23][21] He got the royal family hard at work to find a solution, but when Karnak tried to find a weakness in the barrier, but failed to produce results. [24][21] He then had the others then try to coax Maximus into revealing a means for them to escape, but they found that he was more insane than ever and was only interested in making toys than helping solve their dilemma. With no other options available, Black Bolt attempted to use his control of electrons trigger an Absorba-Bomb to destroy the barrier. [25][21] This attempt also failed, and realizing that the Absorba-Bomb could destroy them all Black Bolt injured himself attempting to stop it. [26][21] As soon as Black Bolt began to recover, Maximus revealed the only means in which the barrier could be destroyed, also revealing to the others the secret of why Black Bolt never spoke. Medusa tried to stop Maximus from speaking, but it was too late and the secret was out: the only way to destroy the Negative Zone barrier was in the destructive power of Black Bolt's voice. Something that could possible destroy them all in the process. [27][21] With no other choice left to them, Crystal and the other Inhumans sought shelter below the city while Black Bolt unleashed the awesome power of his voice. Although Black Bolt succeeded in destroying the barrier, Attilan was decimated in the process. In the aftermath of the battle the Ruling Council of the Inhumans decreed that Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family leave the Great Refuge until the city could be rebuilt to its former splendor. [28][21]

Black Bolt joined the rest of the royal family in their travels. They made a brief stop in Europe before a group of prejudiced villagers mistook them for witches and attacked, forcing them to defend themselves and leave. [29] They soon found a new refuge before Black Bolt allowed Crystal to venture on her own to find the Human Torch. [30] Their island hideaway was soon invaded by soldiers of an unspecified country who sought to secretly deploy an "Atomic Curtain" on the island in direct contravention of NATO agreements. Black Bolt and the other Inhumans attacked the invaders, destroyed their weapon and sent them fleeing into the ocean. [31] Bolt and the others soon had to deal with two invaders, the first being the costumed hero known as the Black Panther who legally purchased the Inhumans temporary island home. He battled it out with the Inhumans until they realized they had mutual allies in the Fantastic Four. When Black Bolt alerted them that the island was also being invaded by the Microverse tyrant known as the Psycho-Man, Medusa and the others worked together to invade the invader's secret hideout. They were soon joined by the Human Torch and the Thing. Blackagar and the others soon fended off against the Psycho-Man's minions Live Wire, Ivan and Shell-Shock. While they were also held back by the Psycho-Man's Emoto-Casting Control-Box, Gorgon arrived and destroyed the device. However before the Inhumans and their allies could apprehend the Psycho-Man he fled back to his native Microverse. [32]

When the villain known as Plantman encroached their island in his sub, Black Bolt sent Triton to investigate. Later when Triton was captured along with the Sub-Mariner, Black Bolt and the others attempted to rescue them. Despite their efforts, the Plantman managed to escape in the ocean. [33] However, Triton and the Sub-Mariner managed to free themselves and stop the Plantman's schemes. [34] Black Bolt then began performing an experiment that he hoped could enable him to speak. However when this failed, Medusa went out into the world to reflect on this failure. She returned to Paris where the locals still persecuted her. She was later approached by her former comrades in the Frightful Four who asked her to rejoin the team. The Wizard convinced her to join them in a scheme to steal a supply of Quadranium-99 from a NATO base, telling her that it could enable Black Bolt to speak. However she soon learned that the Wizard was actually going to use it to power a new version of his ID Machine, and fought against her former comrades. Jumping from the Wizard's anti-gravity ship she was rescued from a fatal fall by the Black Bolt, and the pair returned the supply of Quadranium-99 to its rightful owners. [35]

Return to Attilan

With Attilan completely rebuilt, Black Bolt was the first of the royal family to return to their fabled city. Upon his arrival he was asked to try six Inhumans, Falcona, Leonus, Aireo, Timberius, Stallior and Nebulo, who committed acts of treason in his absence. Black Bolt found them guilty and had Lockjaw exile them to the Un-Place, a dimensional prison. However the rogue Inhumans were soon freed thanks to the machinations of Maximus who manipulated events that the gamma spawned monster known as the Hulk got trapped in Un-Place as well and assisted in breaking the rogue Inhumans free. Maximus and his minions then manipulated the Hulk into breaking through a barrier that protected a powerful weapon created by the Inhuman known as Ramnor. With this weapon, Maximus threatened Attilan, demanding that he be reinstalled as king of the Inhumans. While the Hulk went on a rampage, defeating the minions of Maximus, Black Bolt dealt with his mad brother, disarming him of Ramnor's weapon. With the Hulk still causing damage to the city, Black Bolt then battled the neigh invincible brute. Not only was Black Bolt able to spar with the Hulk one-on-one, he was able to drive the creature from his domain, restoring peace to the kingdom once again. [36]

Despite this defeat, Maximus managed to retake the throne of Attilan, using hypnosis to defeat Black Bolt and the rest of the royal family and take them prisoner. By this point, Medusa's sister Crystal was asked to join the Fantastic Four to take the place of the Invisible Girl who had just discovered that she was pregnant. The group learned of the fate of Black Bolt and his family before being captured themselves. With no opposition, Maximus began preparing to unleash his massive Hypno-Gun to enslave the entire world.[37] [note 5] Ultimately, Black Bolt freed himself and the other Inhumans while the Fantastic Four broke out of their prison. The pair then stormed the Hypno-Gun, destroying the device before Maximus could employ it. In the ensuing battle Maximus, and his loyal renegades managed to escape in a ship. [38] Not long after being restored to the throne, Black Bolt defended his kingdom from the Silver Surfer who was tricked into attacking the Great Refuge by Maximus. The Surfer was ultimately driven from the region. [39] Apparently by this point the Inhumans had developed a working relationship with the spy agency known as SHIELD. Following their battle with the Silver Surfer, Medusa and Black Bolt paid a visit to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to report their battle with the Silver Surfer to SHIELD director Nick Fury. [40] Black Bolt was later injured during a radiation experiment. Only the combined powers of both Crystal and Gorgon could heal him of his injuries.[41] He sent Medusa to collect Crystal, who was forced to return home over protests from her boyfriend the Fantastic Four's Human Torch. [42] Eventually Crystal's unexplained absence caused the Human Torch to come seek her out in Attilan. After an ensuing battle that was broken up by both the Inhuman royal family and the Fantastic Four the truth was revealed. With Black Bolt now cured, Crystal was allowed to leave and was reunited with the Torch. [41]

Not long after this, the Fantastic Four's long time foe Doctor Doom was amassing a cache of powerful weapons. [43] To this end he also stole the Helix of Randac from the Citadel of Science in Attilan. [44] When this was discovered the royal family sent Lockjaw to collect Crystal from the Fantastic Four. [45] Upon Crystal's arrival, Black Bolt had Medusa and the others informed her of the theft. [44] Black Bolt and the others later rescued the Fantastic Four and the Black Panther from space following a failed attempt to stop Doctor Doom from stealing the Ultimate Machine on the moon. They later reconnoitered on the SHIELD helicarrier to plan their next move along with Nick Fury and the Silver Surfer. It was not long until Doom used the Horn of Proteus to summon the sea creatures, including Giganto, upon New York City. [46] Medusa and Black Bolt then returned to Attilan where they provided the Human Torch and Crystal with an Agon-Sequencer to assist them in trying to locate the Helix of Randac. [47] When Doom returned to Earth after stealing the power of the world devourer known as Galactus, Black Bolt and the other Inhumans stood by while the Fantastic Four dealt with the crisis. [48] However they soon joined in the final battle against Doom in New York City. Black Bolt and his family joined in a frontal assault on Doom and were subsequently slain. However, Doom was ultimately defeated when Mister Fantastic obtained the Cosmic Cube and restored everything to normal, undoing all the carnage Doom had caused and restored Black Bolt and the others to life. [49] Back home, Black Bolt and the royal family joined the Eternal known as Pixie to reign in the rogue Inhuman known as the Yeti who was in a battle with the mutant heroes known as the X-Men. In the aftermath, they revealed to the X-Men the fate of the Cold War era heroes known as the First Line. [50][note 6]


After preventing Chinese soldiers from discovering the location of Attilan, Black Bolt and the others were shocked when their home was bombarded by various missiles. They were surprised when they found evidence that the missile attacks were apparently being launched by the Fantastic Four, unaware that it was really the work of Maximus. [51] Black Bolt then brought Medusa, Karnak and Gorgon to the Baxter Building to battle the Fantastic Four, while Triton went to investigate the possible involvement with Maximus. Although the Inhumans battled it out with the Fantastic Four, they stopped when Triton found proof that Maximus was responsible for the attacks and captured him. [52] Later, the international terrorist known as the Mandarin launched an attack on the Inhumans in order to uncover the powerful Eye of Yin which was buried somewhere near Attilan. Black Bolt and the others battled what they thought was the Mandarin to the death, unaware that it was a robot meant to trick them into finding the Eye for the real Mandarin. [53] When they uncovered the Eye, the Mandarin used his rings to draw it to him. Medusa, Triton, and Karnak followed after it and were summarily captured. They were rescued by Black Bolt and Gorgon who knocked the Mandarin out. They then took him away, burying his rings within his hideout.[54]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) struck with amnesia from Amazing Adventures Vol 2 5

Struck with amnesia. [55]

Later Black Bolt showed Medusa and the others that he had Maximus kept in stasis in a near death state before leaving to try and find the ideal place to reveal the Inhumans to the world. Black Bolt then left the kingdom to find the best place to reveal the existence of the Inhumans to the world. Arriving in an Francisco, Black Bolt he encountered a man named Roscoe and his gang trying to break into a warehouse, manipulating his orphaned nephew Joey to help break in. Black Bolt intervened when he saw Roscoe slap his nephew. Black Bolt then stole one of the thugs clothes, leaving his own costume behind and taking Joey away with him. Meanwhile back home, Gorgon and Karnak had issue with Black Bolt's treatment of his brother as they believed that it could violate his oath that Black Bolt would never kill another Inhuman. When they pressed these concerns to Medusa, she advised them to trust their leader. However the pair freed Maximus, learning too late that Black Bolt's insane brother had regained his mental powers. Upon his freedom, he then used his powers to strike Black Bolt with amnesia. [55] While Maximus once again retook Attilan and forced the royal family out, Black Bolt struggled to remember who he was. With Joey at his side, he rediscovered that his voice was incredibly destructive. This power was seen and attracted the attention of civil rights activist Lionel Dibbs who sought to manipulate Black Bolt's powers for his own end. [56]

Dibbs invited Black Bolt and Joey into his car, and gassed them into unconsciousness. Having recovered Black Bolt's costume from Roscoe, Lionel, now with only three months to live due to cancer, decided that he had enough trying to convince city officials to tear down the slums and build better homes for impoverished African-Americans. Lionel then began threatening to destroy the city, having Roscoe wear Black Bolt's costume, which somehow enabled Roscoe to use Black Bolt's powers. [57] Lionel's stand-off with the police attracted the exiled members of the House of Agon, as well as the Asgardian thunder god Thor who had treated Dibbs cancer in his civilian identity of Doctor Donald Blake. However during the altercation, "Black Bolt" was fatally killed by a bolt of lightning, and the Inhumans discovered that he was an impostor. The whole time Black Bolt and Joey were tired up at Dibbs' hideout, and thanks to Joey eventually broke free and escaped. [58]

Joey and Black Bolt continued to roam the streets of San Francisco, where their presence was discovered by the mutant terrorist known as Magneto. Magneto mistook Black Bolt for a mutant and sought to manipulate his powers. Before Joey could get help, he was absorbed into the Trikon, who had somehow returned to Earth's dimension. However their reunion with Black Bolt caused their leader's memories to return. Eventually the royal family was able to track down Black Bolt to Magneto's underground hideout. The sight of his family caused Black Bolt's memories to return. [59] [note 7] Magneto then attempted to use a device to enthrall Black Bolt. With Black Bolt appearing to be in his thrall, Magneto forced the Inhuman leader to steal a power source for his new invention, the Universal Machine. While they were gone on this mission, Medusa and the others broke free and battled Magneto's minions. When Magneto and Black Bolt returned, Bolt revealed that he was pretending to be under Magneto's control. In the ensuing battle the energy source became unstable and Magneto was seemingly slain when it exploded. [60] [note 8]

Kree-Skrull War

At this point the Earth was caught in the middle of the millennia long Kree-Skrull War.[10][note 9] Apparently after his encounter with Magneto, Black Bolt managed to track down the Trikon and free Joey from its possession, although the details of this are unrevealed. [note 10] While they were searching for Black Bolt in San Francisco, the Inhumans had sent Triton to New York to try and obtain the assistance of the Fantastic Four. By fate, Triton instead encountered the Avengers, who were dealing with the backlash caused by a Skrull posing as politician H. Warren Craddock. Regardless of the fact that the Avengers were dealing with the escalating Kree-Skrull War, they agreed to split their forces to assist Triton in finding his leader. Captain America, Goliath and Rick Jones then accompanied Triton back to San Francisco, where they assisted Black Bolt in rescuing Joey from a thug. Flying to Attilan, they found that Maximus had erected a massive barrier around the city again. They were also joined by Thor, the Vision and Iron Man.

Black Bolt took down the barrier with his voice and when his people took arms against him was, for the first time, able to address them with his voice. Somehow not destroying all in his path, Black Bolt ordered his people to take up arms against Maximus. With an army of his people, Black Bolt and the Avengers stormed Attilan. They then discovered that Maximus was once again working with the Kree. Bolt and the Avengers sent the Kree fleeing from Earth once again, causing Maximus to lose his mind once again. With his brothers defeat, Black Bolt regained the Inhuman throne, but was less than happy about the fate of his brother. [10] The Avengers soon parted company and eventually played a part of halting the Kree-Skrull War for the time being. [61]

Illuminati (Earth-616) from New Avengers Illuminati Vol 2 1 0001

Black Bolt and the Illuminati. [62]

In the aftermath of the Kree-Skrull War, Iron Man gathered Fantastic Four leader Mister Fantastic, Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, Atlantean ruler the Sub-Mariner, X-Men founder Professor X, Wakandan ruler the Black Panther, and Black Bolt together to discuss the outcome of the war. Iron Man pointed out that they all had the potential to prevent such a conflict from occurring had they pooled their resources together and suggested that the unify as a single force to defend the Earth from outside threats. When this seemed like a problematic solution, the group instead decided to form a clandestine group consisting of themselves to deal with such threats. Black Bolt and most of the others agreed to join, the lone dissenter being the Black Panther, who did not agree with their self appointed position and warned them to stop this union before it was too late. These pleas were ignored, and the Illuminati was born, their existence kept secret for years. [63] The Illuminati's first order of business was pay a visit to the Skrull homeworld where they issued a warning to Emperor Dorrek to stay away from Earth. When Dorrek refused, Black Bolt destroyed his ship, but when the Illuminati attempted to flee Skrullian space, they were shot down and taken prisoner. Black Bolt and the others were then experimented on for days, but ultimately Iron Man managed to break them free. They then recovered a ship and succeeded in escaping the Skrulls and return to Earth. Black Bolt and the others were unaware that the Skrulls succeeded in learning the secrets to their super-human abilities, knowledge that would have far reaching consequences many years later. [62][note 11]

Project Revival

It was about this time that Crystal's long association with the Fantastic Four was quickly coming to an end as the pollutants from the outside world threatened to have a fatal effect on her, forcing her to eventually return home. [64] With an unexpected detour through Australia, Crystal saved the life of the "mutant" known as Quicksilver who was seriously injured battling the Sentinels. Taking Quicksilver back to Attilan, the two fell in love while Crystal was nursing him back to health. [65][note 12] When the Human Torch eventually came to Attilan to be reunited with Crystal, Black Bolt and the other members of the Inhuman royal family tried to stop him in order to explain to Johnny Storm what was going on with Crystal during his absence. This led to an altercation between the Torch and the Inhumans. [66] As expected, this led to the Torch and Quicksilver trading blows. However the fighting quickly ended when Maximus launched his latest scheme, resulting in Crystal being kidnapped by the Alpha Primitives and taken deep below Attilan. When Pietro and Johnny went after her they found her in the clutches of Omega, an android created by Maximus. [65] Black Bolt led his people against the Alpha Primitive uprising, but Omega proved almost unstoppable. The rest of the Fantastic Four soon arrived to lend a hand and Crystal was eventually freed from the creature. Soon Crystal realized what was powering Omega and making him neigh indestructible: The Inhumans collective guilt over the willful enslavement of the Alpha Primitives. Once Crystal got the Inhumans to all collectively recognize their guilt, Omega fell inert and the Alpha Primitives ended their uprising. In the aftermath of the battle, Crystal and Johnny realized that what they had between each other was over and parted as friends. Black Bolt then decreed that Medusa, having developed an immunity to the outside pollutants, was to venture out and act as an emissary of the Inhumans in the outside world. Medusa to this end, joined the Fantastic Four, taking the place of the Invisible Girl who had recently left the team. [67][note 13]

Not long after this, the Avengers were captured during a conflict between the villainous time travelers known as Zarrko the Tomorrow Man and Kang the Conqueror. Iron Man enlisted the aid of Spider-Man to assist in stopping them in Zarrko's future of the 23rd Century, but both were incapacitated. [68] Spider-Man managed to escape back to his own time, and prevent the unleashing of various "Time Bombs" that regressed time backwards to make the modern age more easily conquered. With the aid of the Human Torch, Spider-Man stopped all the bombs. Needing to get back to the future to save the Avengers and stop his foes, the Torch suggested to Spider-Man that he enlist the aid of the Inhumans to help him. [69] Travelling to the Hidden Land, Spider-Man pleaded his case to Black Bolt who agreed to help. They used Maximus to reconfigure on of the Time Bombs to send Spider-Man, Black Bolt, Karnak, Gorgon and Triton to the 23rd Century. They arrived just moments before Spider-Man originally fled back to his own time to stop the time bombs. They then got the drop on Zarrko and Kang. While they managed to stop Zarrko, Kang escaped them when their plan began to fail. Spider-Man and the Inhumans then freed the Avengers and returned to their own time. [70][71] Later, when the Dark Dimension ruler Dormammu attempted to invade the Earth, Black Bolt and his people defended Attilan from Dormammu's demons until his threat was ended by the Avengers and the Defenders. [72] Black Bolt later called Medusa back home for an update on Project Revival, a plan to reunite Mister Fantastic with his estranged wife the Invisible Girl. [73][note 14] With the assistance of the Sub-Mariner, the Inhumans managed to make Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Girl realize that they belonged together and reconcile their relationship. [74]

Medusa's Return

The Inhumans soon discovered the existence of Counter-Earth, a perfect duplicate of Earth that was on an opposite rotation of the sun. Seeking to explore this world as a potential new home for the Inhumans, Black Bolt and the other members of the royal family had to deal with the sudden arrival of the Hulk in their kingdom. However after Black Bolt swatted the Hulk away from a crash landing in the center of Attilan, the brute reverted back to his human form of Bruce Banner. Bolt and the others then tried to make Banner at home, but he eventually transformed into the Hulk again when being harassed by some locals. In the ensuing battle, the Hulk was forced aboard the ship meant to explore Counter-Earth and it was launched into space, ending the Hulks threat for a time. [75] [note 15]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) married to Quicksilver from Fantastic Four Vol 1 150

Crystal's wedding to Quicksilver. [76]

Crystal's wedding day quickly approached, Black Bolt invited members of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to witness the wedding. Unknown to them at the time Maximus had revived the robot known as Ultron to strike back at his enemies. Instead, Ultron betrayed Maximus to get revenge on his own. Taking control of the Omega android, Ultron then attacked the gathered heroes.[77] Ultron attempted to defeat his foes by utilizing the mental beam to incapacitate them. This proved to be Ultron's ultimate failing, as it awoke the comatose Franklin Richards who used his powers to seemingly destroy Ultron. With the threat over, Crystal and Pietro were married by Black Bolt before all their friends without further incident. [76] [note 16]

Attilan was later taken over by the Human Torch's old foe Xemu ruler of the Fifth Dimension. Xemu had constructed a massive weapon called the Thunder Horn which he intended to use to conquer the Earth by magnifying Black Bolt's destructive vocal chords. When Black Bolt refused to comply, Xemu forced Quicksilver to recover Medusa by threatening to kill Crystal if he did not comply. With no other choice, Quicksilver went to New York and obtained the Fantastic Four, who agreed to go with him. [78][note 17] The Fantastic Four were later captured, but with the aid of Triton, and the Fifth Dimension's Valeria and Phineas the Fantastic Four freed themselves. Meanwhile, Medusa was willing to sacrifice his life in order to allow Black Bolt to remain defiant toward Xemu. In order to try and force Black Bolt's hand, Xemu attacked a Chinese military base causing the super-power to launch fighter jets towards Attilan to investigate. However, the Invisible Girl had stowed aboard the FF's plane and used the Thunder Horn to boost her powers of invisibility to hide Attilan from view. When Xemu realized Black Bolt still refused to act, he fled back to the Fifth Dimension where he was defeated by both the Human Torch and Quicksilver. After the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans defeated the last of Xemu's troops, the FF welcomed Sue back to the group full time. But before they could rename themselves the Fantastic Five, Medusa informed them that she had decide to return to her people and be by Black Bolt's side. Her decision was met with the FF's blessings before they returned home. [79]

War of the Three Galaxies

Medusa's return to Attilan was hardly a quiet one as the Inhumans were soon attacked by the Negative Zone creature known as Blastaar who was revived by the Kree. [80][note 18] The royal family failed to stop Blastaar from activating the Kaptroids, robots constructed and hidden deep below Attilan by the Kree for the purposes of rounding up the population and imprisoning them. With his mission complete, Blastaar fled the scene leaving the Inhumans to fend for themselves. While Black Bolt battled the Kaptroids, Medusa and the others attempted to deactivate the device that summoned them. Upon destroying the device, the Kaptroids fell inert. [81] Attilan was then struck by a series of tremors prompting Black Bolt and the rest of the House of Agon to travel to New York and seek out the help of the Fantastic Four. Their arrival coincided with the arrival of the Kree warrior known as Shatterstar who was dispatched to Earth to collect the Inhumans to use as cannon fodder in the so-called War of the Three Galaxies. Attacked in the street of New York, the Inhumans were assisted by Falzon, Shatterstar's father, who was sympathetic to the Inhumans plight. Despite this assistance, Black Bolt and the others were defeated in Shatterstar's opening salvo. [82] Regrouping, Black Bolt and his family resumed their battle with Shatterstar, ending it when Black Bolt used Shatterstar's own ship to incapacitate their foe. Taking Shatterstar prisoner, the Inhumans and Falzon returned to Attilan only to discover that Maximus had conquered the Hidden Land in their absence. [83]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) cries out for his people in Inhumans Vol 1 6

Black Bolt cries out for his people. [84]

With Crystal and Quicksilver as his prisoners, Maximus forced the rest of the royal family to surrender. They soon learned that Maximus was working alongside the Kree, and had agreed to give them half of the Inhuman population to use in their war in exchange for being able to rule the other half. Black Bolt and the others were imprisoned for nine full days as Maximus forced his people to build a massive ark to send half their people to the Kree war machine. With the help of the few remaining rebels, Medusa and the others managed to break free and seemingly slay Shatterstar. Unaware of this revolt, an increasingly desperate Black Bolt gave in to his disrepair as his people were being loaded onto the ark, and cried out. [85] [note 19] Black Bolt's voice completely decimated Attilan, and the population was unhappy with the end result of Black Bolt's show of weakness. Ever faithful, Medusa rallied to make her fellow Inhumans realize that Black Bolt acted out of their best interests. When Black Bolt later wrote a proclamation to his people, Medusa read it to them. In light of the attacks from the Kree, Black Bolt had decided to go searching the stars for a new home for the Inhumans to be safe. Medusa, the Inhuman Royal Family and Falzon agreed to join him on this mission and the Kree space ark was rebuild and re-purposed for this very task. [84]

While passing through the Duggil star system, the Inhumans ship was shot down over the planet Stent. A planet of purple dust, they were pulled into a massive mechanical insect city run by City-Dwellers of the Stenth. Initially thought to be coming to the aid of the dissidents in the city, Flarn welcomed them when he learned the truth. Later Black Bolt and the others were horrified when Flarn's minions were willing to cripple their own city by blasting away its ghetto in order to deal with the rebel known as Shreel. [86] [note 20] When Flarn went back on his promise to help the Inhumans repair their ship, Medusa and Black Bolt went out to try and recover it. While outside they encountered Warkon and his army of anarchists who were trying to overthrow Shreel. Learning that Shreel was loyal to the Kree, Bolt and the others joined the fight to overthrow Flarn, however in the aftermath of the battle both Flarn's beetle city, and Warkon's spider city were incapacitated in the process. [87] After crushing the last of Flarn's resistance, the Inhumans and Warkon's anarchists secured a ship to get off planet, unaware that Flarn had betrayed them and programmed it to head to the Kree Space Station Web, the central hub for the upcoming War of Three Galaxies. There they were forced to battle the Kree and their commanding officer Mon-Tog. During the ensing battle, the Inhumans learned that the Kree were enthralling humans on Earth to commit acts to destabilize the Earth in order to make it ripe for invasion. Seeing that they had to return home, Black Bolt and his family fled the space station while Warkon and the last of his warriors sacrificed their lives to destroy it. [88]

Their ship later crash landed in New York Harbor, and after a brief altercation with the authorities, Blackagar and the others tried to make their way to the United Nations Building to warn the leaders of the world of the impending Kree invasion. The Kree in response used their technology to evolve a cockroach into the Pursuer to attack the Inhumans. The creature proved to be powerful and had Black Bolt and the others on the ropes until Falzon was able to incapacitate the Pursuer with insecticide. With their foe temporarily felled, the Inhumans fled the scene to get away from the authorities. [89] Getting outside of the United Nations Building, the Inhumans tried to get the attention of the world leaders, leading to another clash with the authorities. The tension grew higher when Bruce Banner tried to intervene on behalf of the Inhumans but was agitated enough that he transformed into the Hulk. Recalling Black Bolt from a previous battle the Hulk attacked the Inhumans. Using Lockjaw to teleport to a safe location, their battle with the Hulk abruptly ended when a combination of Black Bolt's electron channeling powers and a bolt of lightning altered the Hulk's personality so that he considered the Inhumans his friends and left without further incident. [90] Needing to find a resolution to the War of the Three Galaxies, Medusa and the Inhumans sought out the Kree renegade Captain Marvel. The Royal Family remained on Earth while Mar-Vell and Black Bolt went to confront the Kree directly. There they confronted the Kree Supreme Science Council and exposed member Por-Bat as a Skrull spy trying to instigate the war in order to lead the Kree into a trap. Realizing they almost entered a conflict they could not win, Phae-Dor called off the War of the Three Galaxies, and Black Bolt was returned to Earth. [91]

To the Moon

Still in New York City, Black Bolt, his family and Falzon discovered a Kree bomb that had crashed on Earth. While attempting to disarm the weapon, Falzon was exposed to a nerve gas and required an antidote to save his life. Medusa was sent out to get it and stole it from an ambulance in Brooklyn that was rushing it to a Manhattan hospital to be used on a boy in critical condition after being exposed to a nerve gas himself trying to stop an out of control chemical truck. This led to a battle between Medusa and Spider-Man, whose life was saved by the young man in his civilian identity of Peter Parker when he stopped the truck. Spider-Man followed Medusa to Coney Island where a battle between the wall-crawler and the Inhumans broke out. Ultimately Black Bolt stopped the fighting, and truth was revealed. With Falzon cured, Black Bolt then rushed the rest of the antidote to the boy, saving his life. [92] Black Bolt and the others returned to Attilan to find that the Inhuman known as Thraxon had taken over and rebuilt their home into a massive fortress with the help of the Sphinx. Medusa and the others were incapacitated and turned over to the Sphinx who plotted to use Black Bolt's powers in his satellite to probe the minds of every living being on Earth and learn the secrets of the Ka Stone that gave the Sphinx his powers. Escaping captivity, Crystal enlisted the aid of the Fantastic Four. They defeated Thraxon and followed the Sphinx aboard his space satellite. There they freed Black Bolt and the others and the Sphinx was jettisoned into the void of space. With Thraxon removed, the Inhumans then began to restore Attilan to its former glory. [93] Black Bolt later brought the royal family on a cultural exchange with the new class of X-Men currently being trained by Professor X. They agreed to take the X-Man known as Nightcrawler to Attilan to see a society where nobody is judged by their appearances. Nightcrawler was accompanied by his teammate Colossus. However, when Nightcrawler saw that the Inhumans willingly mutated themselves he interrupted a Terrigenisis ceremony, breaking one of the Inhumans most sanctimonious laws. [94] When Nightcrawler was brought to trial, his fellow X-Men came to the hidden land to plea on his behalf. This led to a battle between the X-Men and the royal family. When the bout caused an avalanche the two groups put aside their differences to save Attilan from destruction. Black Bolt later decreed that Nightcrawler be released and allowed to return home to his people. [95]

Tranquility on Attilan did not last long as the region was plagued by a series of "air quakes". Medusa and Black Bolt used Lockjaw to teleport to the Baxter Building to seek help from the Fantastic Four, but they were not home at the time. Black Bolt then sent Medusa back home while he went looking for them. Black Bolt was only able to find the Thing, and the pair got sucked into a battle against the villain known as Graviton. During the course of their battle, Graviton's powers raged out of control, transforming him into a massive living pocket universe. The villain attempted to petition Black Bolt for sanctuary in Attilan, but Bolt refused. The battle ended when Graviton quickly became disgusted by what he had become and seemingly committed suicide. [96] [note 21] In his absence, Medusa was suddenly kidnapped by the rogue scientists known as the Enclave, who were working in league with Maximus. [97] With Medusa as their prisoner, the Enclave scientist began experiments on her. [98] Black Bolt realized that she was missing when he returned home and brooded over her disappearance. [99] Later, Black Bolt agreed to supply the scientific resources of Attilan to his allies Mister Fantastic and the Thing to help cure a scientist named Henry Croft, who was mutated into an amphibian. Discovering that Croft was mutated by a derivative of the Terrigen Mists they pooled their scientific resources to create an antidote. This played into the hands of the being known as Maelstrom who sent his minions to collect the Anti-Terrigen Mist. [100] Black Bolt joined Karnak, Gorgon, and the Thing in tracking Maelstrom and his minions to his secret lab hidden below the North Atlantic in the region where Attilan used to reside. Black Bolt then learned that Maelstrom's father Phaeder was an Inhuman exiled by his own father. In the aftermath of the battle Maelstrome and his minions were seemingly slain and Black Bolt was able to recover the Anti-Terrigen before it could be used for evil. [101] Black Bolt later went to the moon of Titan to pay his last respects to Captain Marvel, who was dying of cancer. [102]

Later, the Enclave attacked Attilan along with Maximus. But soon Maximus turned on his benefactors and freed Medusa. In the ensuing battle Medusa was rescued and Maximus seemingly sacrificed his life to stop them. [97] Unknown to all, Maximus actually entered a death-like coma. [103] With the pollution taking its toll on the Inhumans, the Fantastic Four were sought out to help move Attilan to a new location where its people would not be at risk. The Blue Area of the Moon was selected for its self contained atmosphere. With the help of the Fantastic Four, Medusa and the Inhuman Royal Family moved Attilan to the moon. Before leaving the Himilayan Mountains, Black Bolt created an eternal flame commemorating his brother's apparent sacrifice, and his people hailed Maximus as a hero. [97][103] In the aftermath of the move, Crystal gave birth to her daughter, [97] while Bolt had Maximus' body interned in a glass coffin that preserved his body in a shrine. [103]

Marriage and Pregnancy

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) trapped in Maximus body from Avengers Annual Vol 1 12

Black Bolt trapped in the body of Maximus. [103]

Black Bolt was later contacted by the mutant singer known as Dazzler, who used the Fantastic Four's communication equipment to contact the Inhumans for help defeating the villain known as the Absorbing Man, who had absorbed her light powers. Black Bolt teleported down to Earth where he and Dazzler combined their unique powers to defeat the Absorbing Man. [104] Black Bolt then organized a celebration of the Inhumans new home on the moon, where Crystal's daughter was named Luna to commemorate their new home. The celebrations were briefly interrupted when Triton accidentally triggered a hidden crystal that plagued everyone on Attilan with a mass hallucination. [105] Unknown to all at the time, Maximus was awaking from his death like coma and used this moment to use his mental powers to swap bodies with Black Bolt. [103] Maximus successfully posed as Black Bolt for a period of time without arousing suspicions. [note 22] When the United Nations learned that the Inhumans had relocated to the Moon, they sent the Avengers to meet with them and ensure that their society would not pose a threat to any nation on Earth. Medusa and the rest of the royal family greeted the Avengers to their home, still unaware that Maximus had swapped bodies with his brother. Maximus then started launching meteor attacks on the Earth which were stopped by Thor. When the Avengers began suspecting the truth, he ordered the Inhumans to attack the Avengers. However Maximus blew his cover when he spoke while battling the She-Hulk. Medusa then forced Maximus to reverse the mind swap, freeing Black Bolt from his prison. [103]

Later, when Quicksilver insisted that Luna be exposed to the Terrigen Mists, Crystal fought against it out of fear that her daughter would be mutated into a non-human form. She sought out the aid of the Thing to help stop this from happening. Black Bolt and the rest of the royal family clashed with the Thing and Lockjaw in order to preserve an Inhuman law that stated that the father of a child could choose when and if their offspring could be exposed to Terrigenesis. However the conflict was put to an end when Quicksilver was tricked into thinking that Lockjaw was a humanoid mutated into dog form, making him see Crystal's point of view. [106] [note 23] Black Bolt later called in a favor from Dazzler to help defend Attilan from the villains Moonstone and Blackout, who were fleeing the authorities on Earth. [107][note 24]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) marries Medusa in Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 18

The marriage of Black Bolt and Medusa. [108]

Finally came the time where Black Bolt and Medusa were to be married after so many long years as a couple. A massive ceremony was held in their honor and a public wedding was conducted. Among those invited to the festivities were the Fantastic Four. However the festivities were marred by an on going battle between the Kree soldier Bel-Dann and Raksor, his Skrull counterpart. Medusa, the royal family, and the Fantastic Four investigated the conflict and were informed by the Watcher that their battle was to determine the victor in the on-going Kree-Skrull War. In order to stop their months long battle, the two groups forced the Kree and Skrull warriors to work together and appear to defeat their mutual enemies. The battle ended with Bel-Dann and Raksor realizing that it was unity was the only way to end the conflict. A solution, sadly, that proved only short lived. [108][note 25]

By this point in time, Iron Man was stumbling deeper and deeper into a world of alcoholism, and the loss of his company to Stane International, the Illuminati met to discuss the matter. Black Bolt and the others came to agree that they should stand back and let Stark handle his problems for the time being. [109][note 26] Stark's attempt to start up a new company called Circuits Maximus earned the ire of the criminal organization known as the Pride. The Pride's leader Geoffrey Wilder threatened Stark to leave their territory, revealing the existence of the Pride to him. When Iron Man went to face the Pride alone, Black Bolt and the rest of a Illuminati arrived to lend a hand. [110]

The Illuminati easily defeated the Pride, containing them until the authorities arrived. Before they did, Professor X, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange and Namor all left, leaving the Pride in the hands of Iron Man and Mister Fantastic. [111] After Professor X and Mister Fantastic returned from the so-called Secret Wars, they warned the Illuminati of the danger posed by the mastermind behind the battle, an apparently omnipotent being known as the Beyonder. Detecting the Beyonder in the area, Xavier called upon the Illuminati where he revealed that that the Beyonder was apparently both mutant and Inhuman and that he had become what he was by being exposed the to the Terrigen Mists. This came as a surprise to everyone, including Black Bolt who could not remember who this Inhuman might be. They confronted the Beyonder in a replica of New York City that the cosmic being had created in an asteroid field beyond the planetoid Ceres. The Beyonder seemingly confirmed Xavier's claims. He confused them with visions of the future, and offering them whatever they wanted. The Illuminati resisted these claims and Black Bolt ordered the Beyonder to leave this universe. When it appeared that the Beyonder had complied, they returned home, only to realize later that he had not. [112] [note 27]

Crystal and Quicksilver's marriage began experiencing trouble not long after this, as Quicksilver began focusing on forming a militia in Attilan. [113] Feeling neglected, Crystal began having an affair with Norman Webster, the neighbor of her sister-in-law the Scarlet Witch and her husband the Vision. [114][note 28] The truth came out when Crystal overdose on the drug needed to breath safely on Earth while she was visiting with Norm, [115] prompting Norma to get her back to Attilan on the moon. There the truth came out, and while Crystal's infidelity rocked the royal family, Black Bolt and the others refused to allow Quicksilver to kill Norm for his involvement. This battle led to the Inhumans battling Quicksilver to a stand-still and he sped off vowing to get revenge. [116] Unknown to all at the time, Maximus was using his mental powers to transfer his madness to Quicksilver. [117] Quicksilver then returned to Earth to menace his old allies in the Avengers, [118][119] and the Fantastic Four, before being captured. [120] In light of this, Crystal demanded that she get divorced from Quicksilver, but the royal family would not allow it due to Inhuman laws set to preserve the "sanctity" of marriage. In response, Crystal returned to Earth and rejoined the Fantastic Four for a time, while the Inhumans took Quicksilver into custody. [121]

Maximus then began focusing his powers on Black Bolt, plaguing him with headaches. Seeking to destroy his enemies, he enthralled Lockjaw and had him send Quicksilver to Earth to capture the Fantastic Four's son Franklin Richards. This kidnapping was interrupted by Franklin's friends the Power Pack as well as the mutant heroes known as X-Factor. Capturing Franklin, Quicksilver and Lockjaw fled back to the moon, taking X-Factor with them. After Pietro escaped both X-Factor and the royal family, the two groups worked together to track him down. Medusa and the others battled Maximus, making his hold on Black Bolt and Quicksilver weaken and he was eventually defeated. Without Maximus' insane influence. Quicksilver quickly returned back to normal. [117] With Quicksilver back to normal, Medusa and Black Bolt ordered Crystal to return home, and when she refused forced her and the Fantastic Four to return to the moon with them. Their returned coincided with the arrival of the High Evolutionary and his army of Gatherers and Eliminators. As part of his so-called Evolutionary War, the High Evolutionary required a sample of the Terrigen Mists. Black Bolt, the royal family and the Fantastic Four fought off the Evolutionary and his minions. In the aftermath of the battle, Black Bolt convinced Crystal to return home. [122]

By this point the aging Genetics Council had caused much turmoil among modern Inhumanity with their selective marriage and breeding policies. This came to a head when Medusa discovered that she was pregnant with Black Bolt's child. When they announced to the kingdom this news the Genetic Council objected, for fear that their child could have a destructive voice like Black Bolt, be as mad as his brother Maximus, or both. When they ordered the pregnancy to be aborted, Medusa refused to comply. When Black Bolt refused to support her, Medusa fled to Earth with Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, Crystal and Medusa's midwife Minxi. There they made a makeshift home among derelicts that lived in a dump outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bound by Inhuman law, Black Bolt suffered the abandonment by his wife. Meanwhile, Medusa was in the process of giving birth to her son Ahura when she was attacked by an elemental creature. The powerful infant used his powers to slay the creature. Realizing that they could not run from their responsibilities, Medusa and the royal family returned home when Black Bolt managed to track them down. Despite her reservations, Medusa later turned her son over to the Genetics Council for examination. [6][note 29] Medusa was present when Black Bolt went to check on his brother and found that he was back in his cell. [15]

Search for Ahura

Unknown to Black Bolt and the royal family a crooked member of the Genetics Council had sent Ahura to Earth to be used in part of a United States government sponsored genetics experiment. However the ship carrying the boy crashed and the boy was adopted by a couple who found his downed ship outside of the town of Pottersville, raising him as their own they named the boy Pope. [123] Medusa became increasingly depressed and demanded that Black Bolt tell her what happened to her child, but he refused to tell her anything.[124] Taking Medusa's side, both Gorgon and Karnak began searching for clues as to what happened to Ahura. Learning that the child had been shipped to Earth, Medusa agreed to accompany them to search for him. [125] However when Black Bolt learned about this plan, he used his authority to force Medusa to stay behind. Despite Gorgon and Karnak's protest, she refused to disobey her husbands orders and so the pair went to Earth without her. [126] Although the pair eventually found Ahura, [127] and intended to bring the boy home, [128] they realized that he was still at the mercy of the Genetics Council. Instead, they left the boy with his adopted family, informing them of the situation of their child and swore them to keep him safe and out of the public eye in the event the Genetics Council came looking for him. [123]

Black Bolt and the others soon became bust with other threats that distracted them from the fate of her son. Such as when Stane International attempted to dump toxic waste on the moon in an attempt to wipe out the Inhumans to steal their resources. [129] They saved the powerful Star Thief, as well as Marvel Boy, Firestar and Namorita of the New Warriors from the ship as it sped to the moon. After stopping Star Thief's rampage, he, Black Bolt and Firestar destroyed the ship, ending it's threat to Attilan. Black Bolt later welcomed Star Thief to live among them. [130] Attilan then came under threat from the eternal mutant known as Apocalypse, who coerced members of the Inhumans into his shock-troops known as the Riders of the Storm. [131] The group later kidnapped Nathan Christopher Summers, the son of X-Factor's Cyclops in order for Apocalypse to absorb his essence. [132] Apocalypse and his minions then returned to Attilan where they quickly took over and captured many of the Inhumans, including Medusa and Crystal. X-Factor arrived shortly after and teamed up with the rest of the royal family to face off against Apocalypse. [133] Black Bolt and his royal family freed Apocalypse's slaves and assisted X-Factor who triumphed with the aid of the time traveler known as the Askani. But the seeming destruction of Apocalypse was not without a cost as Nathan was infected with a Techno-Organic Virus and had to be taken to the future to save his life.[134] [note 30]

Not long thereafter the Brethren, single celled organisms hyper evolved by the enigmatic Celestials, crash landed on the moon. When their leader Thane Ector captured Karnak, Quicksilver, and Timberus; Black Bolt and the others contacted the Avengers for assistance. After a brief clash on the moon, the Brethren turned their attentions toward Earth. [135] Eventually Ector and his minions were defeated by the Avengers, who welcomed Crystal into their ranks. [136]

During the Infinity Gauntlet crisis, the death worshiping Titan known as Thanos obtained the six Infinity Gems and used them to kill half of the population of the universe for his lover, Death. [137] Blackagar and the other surviving Inhumans volunteered their skills to help protect the Earth from the galactic upheaval caused by Thanos' rise to power. [138] Eventually, Adam Warlock defeated Thanos and restored all the damage he had done. [139] Immediately thereafter, Black Bolt, Gorgon and Karnak broke up a fight between the Silver Surfer and the ninja warrior known as Midnight Son that literally landed in the Inhumans' backyard. After the fight was over, Black Bolt extended an invitation for Midnight Son to live with his people. [140] Later during the so-called Infinity War, Bolt watched helplessly as the Fantastic Four's headquarters the Four Freedoms Plaza was blown up by an attack. Before they could go and help, they were visited by the Guardians of the Galaxy from the 31st Century who had come seeking a cure for their Inhuman teammate Talon who had contracted the Grail's Disease. There was a brief battle before the truth was revealed. The royal family and the Guardians then had to defend themselves from doppelgangers of the royal family and the Guardians created by the Magus. After these foes were defeated and Talon was cured, the Guaridans parted company.[141][note 31]

Black Bolt and the others Inhumans then spotted Doctor Doom as he made a trip to the Watcher's citadel and followed after to investigate. [142] There they found that the Fantastic Four and their allies Ms. Marvel and Lyja were charged by the Watcher to stop Doctor Doom who had stolen the powers of Aron the Rogue Watcher. The battle was quickly ended when Black Bolt used his powers and Mister Fantastic's Optimizer weapon to overload Doom's power battery, seemingly vanquishing their foe, although Doom did survive and escaped once again. [143] [note 32] By this time, "Pope" and his adopted family had relocated to New York. He was in attendance of a South Bronx where the Mayor of New York City was giving a political speech with the Fantastic Four present. Ahura's resurfacing was also detected by the Genetics Council who sent their minions, including a new Seeker to collect the boy. Black Bolt, Medusa and their family came to the boy's rescue and helped protect him along side the Fantastic Four. Ultimately, the betrayer among the council slew his comrades and stole their powers in a bid to also steal Ahura's abilities as well. But this rogue councilman was slain by Ahura himself. When the boy was crowned the new king of the Inhumans, Ahura instead destroyed the royal crown, prompting the Inhuman people to decide to form a democracy. [123]


Black Bolt and the rest of the royal family went into self exile shortly thereafter. They soon took up residence as part of a New Jersey freakshow so they could hide in plain sight among humanity. [144] Not long after the Inhumans self-appointed exile, the Earth came under threat from the Starblasters a group of intergalactic pirates led by the mechanoid known as Skeletron. They came to Earth seeking the Star Brand a powerful energy source from universe that was accidentally brought to this one by the hero known as Quasar and passed onto his girlfriend Kayla Ballantine. In order to keep the people of Earth busy while he searched for the Star Brand, Skeletron kidnapped the Watcher, and placed a booster rocket on the Moon, which threatened to crash the satellite into the Earth. The danger was detected by Black Bolt and Lockjaw who teleported to the Moon to investigate. There they were joined by the Avengers Quasar, Captain Marvel, Binary; Adam Warlock; Russian mutants Darkstar and Vanguard; and the Eternals Hyperion and Ikaris. Aboard the rocket, Black Bolt and some of the others were enthralled by mind control devices, but their allies freed them and the rocket was disposed of. However while they were busy on the Moon, Skeletron's minions kidnapped Kayla. [145] [note 33]

When Quasar learned this he summoned his previous allies to assist him on a mission to track down the Starblasters and rescued Kayla. Black Bolt and Lockjaw answered the summons and were accompanied with Captain Marvel, Binary, Ikaris, Hyperion, Darkstar, Vanguard, and the Dievas thunder god Perun. Following after the Starblasters energy trail, they encountered a Shi'ar ship. [146] After a battle with Gladiator of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, the heroes commandeered the ship in order to follow after Skeletron and his crew. En route they were attacked by the rest of the Imperial Guard. When Quasar ventured into the Quantum Zone to battle Gladiator, Moondancer and Voyager; Black Bolt and Lockjaw followed after and helped him win the fight. When the battle was over a compromise was made: the Imperial Guard would bring the heroes to Skelletron's location. [147] They soon reached their destination, the homeworld of the enigmatic Stranger. Black Bolt joined the heroes in launching an assault on the Stranger's world, facing off against the Starblasters. [148] Soon Black Bolt and the others were subdued by Skeletron's forces while the Stranger succeeded in taking the Star Brand from Kayla, this power transfer caused part of the Stranger's world to be transported to the universe where the Brand originated from. [149] Evading capture, Black Bolt and Lockjaw rescued the rest of his comrades from dissection at the hands of the Starblasters' Insidio, all this while Skeletron made a bid to absorb the energies of the Star Brand from this universe to gain ultimate power. [150] Seeing Skeletron as a threat, the Stranger allied himself with the heroes, using his power to briefly endow Black Bolt with the ability to speak without causing mass destruction. Instead they were quickly enthralled by Skeletron and set against Quasar and a group of heroes from the Earth of this universe. Black Bolt clashed with the paranormal known as Captain Manhattan. The battle came to an abrupt end when the Stranger teleported this Earth to the heroes native universe and sealed it off from everyone and trapping Skeletron in that over reality. [151]

Their return to their native reality with this alternate Earth attracted the attention of the Living Tribunal, who saw the power of the Star Brand as a threat to the multiverse. The Tribunal sent Black Bolt and the others back to their homes while he and the Stranger agreed to lock the Star Brand Earth away to prevent further contamination. [152]

Exile Defenders of Attilan

Back at his temporary home at the New Jersey freakshow, Black Bolt and his family were visited by the Black Panther who was seeking the whereabouts of the Fantastic Four so that they might help his young super-human charge named Vibraxas. The Inhumans also recommended they take a young Inhuman named Devlor with them. [153] This later led to the formation of the group of youthful heroes known as Fantastic Force. [154] When Black Bolt later learned that archaeologists were about to discover the remains of the Hidden Land in the Himalayas, Black Bolt ventured there and used his powerful voice to cause a massive avalanche that buried all traces of his civilization under tons of rock and ice. [155] Although they were estranged from their people on the moon, Black Bolt and his house answered a call for help from Star Thief when the hero known as Nova and his rival Nova 0:0 were clashing on the moon. [156] When they finally recognized Nova from their previous encounter with the New Warriors, Black Bolt brought an end to the hostilities and when the royal family teleported back to Earth they brought Nova back with them. [157] When Earth was later invaded by the Klyntar race, Black Bolt assisted the Human Torch in battling some of the creatures. [158] This invasion was later fended off due to the efforts of Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider and Venom. [159] When the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards was believed to have been killed in battle, Black Bolt and his family were one of the many colleagues who paid their respects at the funeral.[160] [note 34]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) faces off against Terrigen enhanced Kree from Inhumans the Great Refgure Vol 1 1

Black Bolt faces off against Terrigen Mist enhanced Kree. [161]

Shortly thereafter, the Genetics Council of Attilan were approached by Kree refugees following the Kree/Shi'ar War that left the Kree empire decimated. Although their leader General Maston-Dar truly sought refuge, the long history of hatred between the Inhumans and the Kree led to various conflicts that resulted in casualties. Maston-Dar's subordinate Major Tarnok-Kol felt that the Inhumans would not accept them so long as Black Bolt and his family still lived and sent an army of assassins to Earth to eliminate the royal family. This assassination attempt failed and tipped Black Bolt off to the refugee situation in Attilan. Black Bolt and his family went there and later prevented another group of renegade Kree from stealing the Terrigen Mists to try and mutate themselves as well. Black Bolt and his family saved their people once again and the Kree were brought to trail. When Black Bolt forced a confession out of Tarnok-Kol, the Kree realized they ruined any chance they had at living peacefully on the moon next to the Inhumans and left. Following their departure, Black Bolt and his family returned to Earth. [161][note 35]

Atlantis Rising

Soon the sorceress known as Morgan le Fay rose the undersea kingdom of Atlantis from the ocean floor in an effort to reclaim her ancestral home. This coincided with Reed Richard's father Nathaniel accidentally triggering a trap at the Watcher's citadel on the moon that threatened to destroy Attilan. While the current Genetics Council fled with the Terrigen Mists in order to invade the Earth, the Fantastic Four responded by shrinking Attilan down to size and containing it within a bottle. Sensing that his homeland was in danger, Black Bolt had Lockjaw to teleport him to the moon just moments after Attilan was taken, leaving him with no clue what happened to his homeland. [162] Seeking an alliance with Morgan le Fay to reclaim their ancestral home, the Genetic Councils Arcadius contacted the royal family. [163] He then convinced them that the Sub-Mariner was responsible for the capture of Attilan. Learning that Namor and the Fantastic Four were in England meeting with government officials, Black Bolt and his family teleported there. Black Bolt and Namor soon came to blows before their fight was broken up by the Invisible Woman who attempted to maintain diplomacy in the current crisis. Before they could figure out what was going on, Arcadius contacted Blackagar and his house again asking them to come to him in Atlantis. [164]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) damaged tuning fork from Fantastic Four Unlimited Vol 1 11

Damaged tuning fork. [165]

Black Bolt and the others were asked to defend Attilan and Atlantis from invaders joining forces with the Genetic Council's elite guard the Crimson Cadre. This led to a clash between the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four and their allies Fantastic Force, Namor, Thor, Kristoff Vernard and Nathaniel Richards. The heroes managed to stop Morgan le Fay, who was banished by the magic of the Ebony Blade. Nathaniel Richards also reversed the shrinking of Attilan causing it to reform on the ruins of Atlantis. While the heroes fled, Arcadius erected a new Negative Zone barrier around Attilan, trapping all the Inhumans inside as the Terrigen Mists began to rupture. [166] The Inhuman royal family soon realized that Black Bolt's tuning fork was seriously damaged in the battle and teleported away before Attilan was completely sealed off. They sought out Crystal who was still a member of the Avengers in the hopes that they could repair Bolt's tuning fork. Their travels through New York were impeded by Arcadius, who used his powers to animate states to try and thwart their progress, but they were rescued by Crystal and Quicksilver and taken to Avengers Mansion. There Black Bolt was examined by the Avenger known as Giant-Man, who was unfortunately unable to make the needed repairs. [165] The Inhumans then moved Black Bolt to Colorado to keep him away from populated areas while his sanity began to deteriorate. Upon learning that Mister Fantastic was found alive and well, the Inhumans sought his aid. With the aid of the Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner, the Inhumans managed to subdue Black Bolt and take him back to the Four Freedoms Plaza for treatment.[167] [note 36] While Bolt's life hung in the balance, Mister Fantastic performed the life saving surgery that Blackagar needed to repair his tuning fork, restoring his sanity. [168][169]

Atlantean Attilan

After his recovery, Black Bolt and his family came to the aid of the Fantastic Four during the Onslaught crisis, helping the team fend off constructs of their greatest foes created by Onslaught who had kidnapped Franklin Richards and was manipulating his abilities. [170] [note 37] The Fantastic Four and the Avengers (including Crystal) later seemingly sacrificed their lives to destroy Onslaught. [171] Unknown to all, Franklin Richards saved their lives by transporting these heroes to a pocket universe on a world later dubbed Counter-Earth where they lived parallel lives for months. [note 38] During the time that Black Botl and the rest of the family believed Crystal to be dead, they apparently found a means of disabling the Negative Zone barrier and return to Attilan. It was around this time that Ahura began showing signs of insanity and the Genetics Council deemed the boy a danger to Inhuman society. With no choice, Black Bolt and Medusa were forced to give up their son and were forbidden from seeing him again. Apparently at this point the royal family were partially restored to power. Although they were viewed as monarchs of the realm and had some governing power, it was apparently at the approval or in conjunction to the ruling council. [172][note 39]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) in ceremonial garb from Quicksilver Vol 1 4

Black Bolt in ceremonial garb. [173]

When Crystal finally returned from her time on Counter-Earth, [174][175] Black Bolt and his family were briefly attacked by Thanos who was causing vegetation to grow rampantly across the universe with technology stolen from the Savage Land. [176] Thanos was eventually defeated by the jungle adventurer known as Ka-Zar. [177] Crystal soon reunited with her husband and invited him back to Attilan. Black Bolt and the others regarded the speedsters return tepidly. Later Black Bolt presided of the most recent Terrigenesis, however the ceremony was disrupted by Quicksilver who unknown to all—was being mentally manipulated by Maximus once again. While trying to flee with a supply of the Terrigen Mists, Quicksilver was subdued by Black Bolt and the others. [173] Realizing what was going on, Black Bolt went to confront his mad brother only to discover he was having his powers boosted by the Fabian Cortez a member of the Magneto's Acolytes who was sent to Attilan under orders from their leader Exodus who found the Inhumans an affront to the mutant race. Maximus then enthralled Black Bolt and most of the royal family, putting Luna's life at risk. Quicksilver broke out of his cell but was forced to face off against Black Bolt. [178] Quicksilver was saved from Black Bolt's destructive voice by his sister Hex powers. Eventually Boltagon and his family shook off the mental control of Maximus, but had to battle both the Crimson Cadre and the Alpha Primitives while Maximus and Cortez attempted to unleash the Terrigen Mists into the Earth's atmosphere. Quicksilver prevented this from happening and Cortez fled, leaving Black Bolt to knock out his brother and imprison him once more. [179]

Black Bolt later presided over Phadros as he had his pregnant wife Thera exposed to the Terrigen Mists. At first it seemed as though the child was born without powers, but unknown to them it formed a bond with Vindicator of the Canadian super-hero team known as Alpha Flight. It was also causing earthquakes in the region. Black Bolt and his people welcomed Heather to their sanctuary, and later welcomed her teammates when they came looking for her. They soon realized the child of Phadros and Thera had the power to control mater with his mind when it animated a statue of Randac and made it go on a rampage. While Black Bolt mentally calmed the child and taught it to control his powers, Alpha Flight and the royal family brought down the wayward statue. Realizing she could not abandon her team to live in Attilan, Vindicator returned with them back to Canada. [180] [note 40] It's possibly around this time that Black Bolt faced the cosmic being known as Vortex, although this battle is largely unrecorded. [181]

War with Portugal

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) in meditation from Inhumans Vol 2 1

Black Bolt in meditation. [182]

Eventually a new barrier was erected around Attilan to protected to isolate it from the outside world and keep the pollutants of the outside world out. Black Bolt soon became increasingly uneasy by the appearance of corporate interests that began mining the nearby ruins of Atlantis for Vibranium with backing from the Portuguese army. Black Bolt also became increasingly uneasy as he suspected his brother might be up to a new scheme, and the internal bickering among his family members. [182] Black Bolt later presided over the Terrigenesis of the youthful Inhumans Neifi, Tonaja, Dewoz, Nahrees, Kalikya, and Dinu. The celebration was marred when Dewoz's transformation turned him into an Alpha Primitive, much to the horror of those gathered. Dewoz was then remanded to the caverns below Attilan with the rest of the Alpha Primitives, leaving none aware that this transformation was orchestrated by Maximus in another one of his schemes to destroy his brother and take over the Inhuman throne. [183]

The situation troubled Black Bolt and the others further, leaving them to wonder if the sudden creation of a new Alpha Primitive could spell the end of their civilization. Meanwhile, Dewoze—endowed with strange teleportation powers—used his abilities to help Maximus slowly bring about his plan in secret. [184] The Inhumans presence also began to be known to the outside world which was getting increasingly more fearful of the enigmatic Inhumans. As Bolt pondered over problems, Maximus began working with former Russian spy Colonel Stalyenko to launch an attack on Attilan.[185] [note 41] When the attacks started, the Inhumans were protected by the force field around their city. When Gorgon demanded that they deal with the humans, he was shocked to find that Black Bolt refused to act in any way but a defensive manner. Bolt later sent Mendicus to the United Nations to seek their aid in stopping the attack. This proved to be a fruitless endeavor as the UN sided with the Inhumans but refused to get involved. Worse still, American officials passed on a statue of Abraham Lincoln as a gift to the Inhumans that had a concealed device to further compromise their kingdom—yet another wrinkle in Maximus' mad scheme. Soon the continued artillery attacks and a lightning storm brought the barrier down upon Attilan. [186] As the Portugese soldiers began breaching the kingdom, Black Bolt still continued to tell his people to stand down and further shocked his family when he ordered the Inhumans to retreat from the conflict. [181]

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) seeks comfort from Lockjaw from Inhumans Vol 2 8

Black Bolt seeks comfort from Lockjaw. [187]

Boltagon stood back when the Genetics Council later allowed Timberus the right to avenge the death of his brother, but ordered him not to kill anyone but the man responsible. Bolt then had the Inhuman army mobilized but only on the defensive, having their telekinetics put up a new barrier to keep their attackers at bay. During the ensuing confusion, Maximus kidnapped Medusa and held her prisoner in the Alpha Primitives domain, demanding that Black Bolt surrender to his fate, using his resources to shut down all of Attilan's technology. [188] It was soon learned that the fault line that ran under Attilan was at risk of collapse. As his people continued to lose faith in him and their attackers pressed on, Black Bolt began formulating the final gambit to deal with the invaders. However in a rare moment of weakness, the stoic leader of the Inhumans sought comfort from Lockjaw before proceeding. [187] As the royal family continued to pressure Black Bolt into acting, he sent Triton to the Sub-Mariner to try and gain his aid in defending Attilan. However it appeared that Namor was uninterested and only sought to reclaim his former kingdom. [189] [note 42] As Gorgon began losing his temper, Black Bolt still waited for his piece of his plan to fall into place. [190]

As it turned out, Black Bolt was well aware of the schemes that were being played against him and was secretly plotting a means to victory by first tricking his enemies into thinking they had won. When Medusa managed to reactivate Attilan's systems, Black Bolt had Karnak rig a device to Lockjaw that would allow the entire nation of Attilan to be teleported along with him. By this point Dewoz had broken free from Maximus' control and Black Bolt gave him shelter before confronting his brother. Maximus quickly surrendered to his brother, and Medusa was freed. It was finally then that Black Bolt's master plan was revealed: he was going to destroy Attilan. [191] After breaking the fault lines along Attilan, Bolt had Crystal use her elemental powers to cause massive volcanic upheaval causing Atlantis to sink once more. In the ensuing chaos, Black Bolt had Lockjaw teleport Attilan back to its previous location hidden in the Himalayan Mountains. Although this was a victory, the loss of lives and secrecy surrounding Black Bolt's plan to save his people caused much tension between the other members of the House of Agon. [192]

Kree Assassin

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) wearing Ronan's antenna from Inhumans Vol 3 2

Wearing Ronan's antenna. [193]

Following their return to the Himalayan Mountains, Black Bolt security within Attilan increased. This extra vigilance proved to be useless against the Kree soldier known as Ronan the Accuser who managed to enslave the Inhumans overnight with his army of warriors. Ronan intended to reign in the Inhumans as cannon fodder for the Kree and use them to destabilize the Shi'ar empire that ruled over his people. To this end, Black Bolt and his people were enslaved and Attilan was converted into a massive warship that was then taken out into space. [194] Finding a Shi'ar vessel, Ronan set the Inhumans to attack it for the purposes of having Karnak and Triton infiltrate the ship when the battle ended. He later fitted Black Bolt with a new antenna that allowed Ronan to monitor things and take control of Black Bolt if he so needed. He then sent Bolt, Medusa and Gorgon to a world where the Shi'ar and the Spartoi were going to conduct a symbolic wedding between their two empires for the purposes of assassinating Shi'ar empress Lilandra Neramani. Their arrival on world was met with a trader named Shakati who helped the three Inhumans blend in as Kree refugees. [193]

While travelling to the ceremony, Black Bolt and his companions were attacked by petty thieves who robbed them. Unable to use their powers lest their cover be compromised, the Inhumans were rescued by Jason of Sparta, the prince of the Spartoi. Jason took them to his lodging and espoused his displeasure with the union between the Shi'ar and the Spartoi, and his people's ruling council's use of a hologram of his father to control the direction of his people. After Jason set them up with new currency, Blackagar, Medusa and Gorgon went to the wedding ceremony to carry out their task. [195] Also arriving were Triton and Karnak who managed to infiltrate the ranks of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. However, when Black Bolt attempted to assassinate the Empress, she was aware thanks to the clairvoyant powers of the Guard's new recruit Delphos. Although imprisoned in a force field, Black Bolt still had the power to kill Lilandra, but refused to do so. Viewing this remotely, Ronan forced Black Bolt to do so anyway. But as it turned out, "Lilandra" turned out to be the Imperial Guards resident shapechanger Hobgoblin who sacrificed his life to save his queen. Black Bolt and his family then teleported away using the Nega-Bands given to Triton to facilitate a hasty retreat. Back aboard Attilan, Black Bolt challenged Ronan to an honor duel for the freedom of his people. Although Black Bolt won the battle, he was shocked to learn that his people did not want to return to Earth, instead choosing the lives of warriors. While Black Bolt and the House of Agon returned to Earth, the rest of the Inhumans ventured off into space with Ronan to face their destiny among the stars. [196]

Return to the Moon

Black Bolt and his family returned to New York where they appeared before the United Nations to seek asylum on Earth. There they were attacked by bounty hunters sent after them to avenge the death of Hobgoblin. The attack was thwarted by the arrival of the Fantastic Four and the aliens were seemingly slain by orbital defense weapons while they tried to flee. Upon their arrival, the Inhumans soon became subject to increase prejudice instigated by the Hidden Ones, an Inhuman/human hybrids who hid among the world's governments who feared that the Inhumans return would lead to their own exposure. [197] When the Inhumans later appeared at a press conference at the Baxter Building, the Hidden Ones used their powers to throw the media into a xenophobic frenzy and later formed a mob outside the Fantastic Four's headquarters. Mister Fantastic tried to petition the United Nations to grant the Inhumans sanctuary, but no country would accept them except for Doctor Doom's Latveria. [198] Soon after, both Reed and Ben went missing and the Baxter Building was attacked by both an angry mob and an army of Guardsmen loyal to the Hidden Ones. To make matters worse, the Invisible Woman's pregnancy was threatening to kill her and her unborn child. [199] [note 43] Black Bolt and the others looked over Sue as she struggled with her labor pains while the Human Torch sought out help for his sister. With no other choice, Johnny enlisted the aid of Doctor Doom who used a combination of sorcery and magic to save both Sue and her unborn child, whom he named Valeria. While Valeria was being born Mister Fantastic and the Thing defeated the Hidden Ones and exposed them to the world. With the crisis over, Doctor Doom offered Black Bolt and his family a chance to live in Latveria. Black Bolt refused, instead deciding to return the House of Agon to the moon where they began rebuilding Attilan. [200] Eventually the rest of the Inhumans returned to the moon as well. Although the circumstances of their return are unrecorded. [201]

Soon thereafter, Black Bolt met once again with the Illuminati to discuss the recent incarceration of the Kree warrior known as Marvel Boy. Seeing him as a possible threat, the secret group decided to try to make an ally out of him. They visited him in the Cube prison warning him against his threats to conquer the Earth and instead become a hero like Captain Marvel before him. When Noh-Varr agreed to try, the Illuminati left him behind to figure his own way out of the Cube. [202][note 44] Following another Terrigenesis celebration, [203] Black Bolt arranged for the youths Nahrees, Tonaja, Jolen, San, and Alaris to travel to Earth and attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison on a cultural exchange program in order to better relations between the Inhumans and baseline humanity. [204] Black Bolt and his family were later part of a farewell party for the reality television stars and mutant mercenary group known as X-Statix, who tragically died on their final mission shortly thereafter. [205] After a romantic interlude with Medusa, [206]
Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) with the Space Gem from New Avengers Illuminati Vol 2 2

Endowed with the Space Gem. [207]

Black Bolt met with the Illuminati yet again. This time Reed Richards had come to the group suggesting that the collect the Infinity Gems to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Having already collected the Soul, Space and Power Gems, they set about collecting the rest in teams. While Professor X, Doctor Strange, and Namor were sent to recover the Mind Gem; Black Bolt, Iron Man and Mister Fantastic sought the Reality Gem. Using equipment within the Baxter Building, Black Bolt's voice was amplified to the point where it could rend a hole in reality where the gem was hidden. When the Gems were all collected, Mister Fantastic proved unable to use them in concert to destroy the Gems once and for all. Despite the warnings from the Watcher that they were being left in charge of too much power, Reed divided up the Infinity Gems among the different members of the Illuminati to be kept in secret. Black Bolt was entrusted with the Space Gem which he hid where none other could find it. [207] Black Bolt was later petitioned to join the Great Lakes Avengers, an invitation he flat out refused. [208]

Black Bolt met with the Illuminati yet again shortly after Iron Man and Captain America formed the New Avengers to discuss the re-emergence of the superhero known as the Sentry, a superhero whose existence nobody could remember. [209] [note 45] When they all looked into it, they were shocked to learn that the Sentry had ties to their lives, [209] They managed to track the hero down and try to help him, but Black Bolt and his family were among members of the New Avengers, and X-Men who had come to ensure that there was no danger. [210] As the X-Man known as Emma Frost began trying to repair the Sentry's mind, the heroes were attacked by the Void, the Sentry's dark side personified. [211] Eventually the Sentry's mind was restored to normal, ending the threat of the Void, whom the Sentry seemingly destroyed. [212] Black Bolt and his family later chased the Olympian demi-god Hercules from the moon when he attempted to battle Lockjaw as part of a reality television show that recreated the 12 labors of Hercules.[213]


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  1. As specified in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #5, the number of years is left vague per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 as parts of Black Bolt's history are locked into specific dates and others are not.
  2. First specified in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #2 it was not depicted until Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3
  3. For a time Medusa was stricken with amnesia and coerced into joining the Frightful Four, clashing with the Fantastic Four many times, starting in Fantastic Four #36
  4. The Negative Zone barrier should not be confused with the similarly named antimater universe of the same name.
  5. The Invisible Girl discovered that she was pregnant in Fantastic Four Annual #5, the Fantastic Four asked Crystal to join their ranks in Fantastic Four #81.
  6. The majority of the First Line sacrificed their lives stopping a Skrull invasion of Earth prior to the Modern Age as depicted in Marvel: The Lost Generation #12
  7. It should be noted here that the Trikon plot line was abandoned in the following issue Amazing Adventures Vol 2 #10
  8. Magneto survived, appearing again in Avengers #110.
  9. the Kree-Skrull War occurred between Avengers #89 through 97.
  10. As specified above, the plot line involving Joey and the Trikon were dropped in Amazing Adventures Vol 2 #10. The story of Black Bolt and Joey was written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Neal Adams between Amazing Adventures Vol 2 #6 and 8. When issue #9 was published Adams was replaced with artist Mike Sekowsky. Adams began drawing the Avengers starting with issue 92 through 96 which was published roughly around the same time. At the time the Avengers was being written by Roy Thomas. It's possible that when Roy and Neil included Joey in the plot of Avengers #95, it was probably under the impression that the story with Joey was going to be resolved. However, the Inhumans storyline was pulled from Amazing Adventures Vol 2 and replaced with the Beast as a regular feature starting with Amazing Adventures Vol 2 #11.
  11. The knowledge gathered here led to the events of the Secret Invasion event depicted in Secret Invasion Vol 1.
  12. Quicksilver was injured by the Sentinels in Avengers #104. He is referred to as a mutant in quotation marks here because at the time everyone -- including Quicksilver himself -- was led to believe that he was a mutant. However as revealed in Uncanny Avengers Vol 2 #4, Quicksilver is not actually a mutant. He was given his powers due to genetic experimentation done on him by the High Evolutionary. The Evolutionary altered Quicksilver in such a way that he registered as a mutant in order to cover up his genetic manipulations.
  13. The Invisible Girl abruptly left her husband in Fantastic Four #130
  14. As explained above the Invisible Girl left the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #130. Their separation escalated when Mister Fantastic was forced to shut down the mind of his son to contain his powers in Fantastic Four #138. The purpose of Project Revival was not revealed until Fantastic Four #149
  15. The Hulk eventually made his way back home in Incredible Hulk #179 after an extended stay on Counter-Earth.
  16. Franklin Richards was put into a coma by his own father in order to save his life in Fantastic Four #141. Ultron survived this destruction, as he was seen again in Avengers #157.
  17. The Human Torch first battled Xemu in Strange Tales #103
  18. Blastaar was trapped in Adamantium following a battle with the Hulk and Human Torch in Marvel Team-Up #18. The involvement of the Kree was revealed in Inhumans #3
  19. Shatterstar survived as a photonic being as revealed in Avengers #383.
  20. The Stenth and facts pertaining to their homeworld and galaxy were revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #10.
  21. Graviton failed to kill himself here and soon returned in Thor #324
  22. Appearances in Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, Incredible Hulk #279, and Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4 are actually Maximus posing as Black Bolt.
  23. This was later revealed as a elaborate prank put on by Gorgon and Karnak and played on Quicksilver and the Thing as revealed in X-Factor #71.
  24. Moonstone and Blackout were on the moon following their escape from Project PEGASUS in Avengers #237 & 238.
  25. Bel-Dann and Raksor were ambassadors to the Kree and Skrulls to the Shi'ar empire. They had been battling on the Blue Area of the Moon since the trial of the Dark Phoenix in X-Men #137
  26. Iron Man's long struggle with alcoholism was revealed in Iron Man #120 through 128. Stark lost his company Stark International thanks to an aggressive take over by Obadiah Stane which saw Stark International absorbed into Stane International in Iron Man #173, partially due to his continued drinking. This even takes place between Iron Man #188 and Iron Man Annual #7 as Stark was attempting to put together a new start-up company called Circuits Maximus.
  27. Professor X and Mister Fantastic were among many super-humans gathered by the Beyonder to battle each other in the original Secret Wars in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 through 12. The Beyonder's origins have a number of conflicting accounts. Initially according to Secret Wars II #6 the Beyonder was a universe that was made sentient after the atomic accident that turned Owen Reece into the Molecule Man in Fantastic Four #20. Later in Fantastic Four #319 it was stated that the Beyonder was created by the Beyonders as sentient energy that was to be contained in a Cosmic Cube and learn to gain sentence from use from the outside world. The accident that created the Molecule Man split the energies, transforming Owen into the Molecule Man and created the Beyonder -- a flawed Cosmic Cube. The account in New Avengers: Illuminati Vol 2 #3 contradicts both tales, and the account is left vague and unclear. It's entirely possible it was a manipulation on the part of the Beyonder.
  28. The Vision and the Scarlet Witch got married in Giant-Size Avengers #4
  29. Ahura's named was not revealed until Fantastic Four Unlimited #2
  30. Apocalypse survived this encounter as revealed in X-Men Vol 2 #14. Nathan Summers survived and grew up to become the mercenary known as Cable as revealed in Cable #8.
  31. The Four Freedoms Plaza was planted with a bomb by a Mister Fantastic doppelganger created by the Magus as seen in Infinity War #2, the heroes it was set to kill all survived in that same story.
  32. Doctor Doom stole the powers of Aron the Rogue Watcher in Fantastic Four #372.
  33. The Star Brand originates from Earth-148611 the so-called "New Universe" and first appeared in Star Brand #1. It was bonded to Quasar when he was trapped in that universe in Quasar #31, he accidentally transferred it to Kayla Ballantine in Quasar #51.
  34. Mister Fantastic seemingly died battling Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four #381, however he appeared alive and well in Fantastic Four #407 and his "death" all part of an elaborate trick on the part of Hyperstrom.
  35. The Kree battled the Shi'ar in what was late called Operation: Galactic Storm that occurred in Captain America #398, Avengers: West Coast #80, Quasar #32, Wonder Man Vol 2 #7, Avengers #345, Iron Man #278, Thor #445, Captain America #399, Avengers: West Coast #81, Quasar #33, Wonder Man Vol 2 #8, Avengers #346, Iron Man #279, Thor #446, Captain America #400, Avengers: West Coast #82, Quasar #34, Wonder Man Vol 2 #9 and ending in Avengers #347 where the Kree Supreme Intelligence tricked the Shi'Ar into detonating a Nega-Bomb that both decimated the Kree and freed them from the evolutionary dead-end their race had become trapped within.
  36. Mister Fantastic turned up alive and well in Fantastic Four #407.
  37. Onslaught kidnapped Franklin in Fantastic Four #415.
  38. As revealed in Heroes Reborn: The Return #1 and seen during the Heroes Reborn event that took place in Fantastic Four Vol 2, Iron Man Vol 2, Captain America Vol 2 and Avengers Vol 2.
  39. The fate of Ahura was left unexplained for along time, with a passing mention by Medusa in Quicksilver #6 implying that something happened to him. It was not until many years later in Silent War #4 was it properly explained what happened to Black Bolt and Medusa's son. When the Inhumans resurfaced in Quicksilver #6, their barring through the Negative Zone barrier was unexplained and they acted as though Inhuman society still functioned as a monarchy. This was not properly explained and the plot threads about the Terrigen Mist running rampant in Attilan dropped. It was not until Inhumans Vol 2 #1 that the relationship between the House of Agon and the Genetics Council were more clearly defined.
  40. This story incorrectly states that Randac was Black Bolt's father.
  41. This story states that Stalyenko previously worked for the KGB. Per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 eventually this fact will drastically age the character and should be considered a topical reference.
  42. Namor's unwillingness to help was late revealed as a part of Black Bolt's secret plan to save Attilan as revealed in Inhumans Vol 2 #12.
  43. The Invisible Woman originally became pregnant with her second child in but had a miscarriage in Fantastic Four #268. A restructuring of reality in Fantastic Four Vol 3 #49 restarted this second pregnancy.
  44. Marvel Boy was incarcerated at the end of Marvel Boy Vol 2 #6.
  45. The Avengers disbanded after the Scarlet Witch went insane and decimated the team between Avengers #500 to 503 and Avengers: Finale #1. The Sentry had been around since the dawn of the modern age, however his dark side known as the Void threatened to destroy all reality and the only means to save the Earth was for the mind for everyone to forget who the Sentry was as seen in Sentry #1 through Sentry #5, Sentry: Fantastic Four #1, Sentry: Hulk #1, Sentry: Spider-Man #1, Sentry: X-Men #1, and Sentry: The Void #1. These memory wipes were revealed as part of a scheme by the Sentry's old foe the General and the mutant known as Mastermind in New Avengers #9 & New Avengers #10.
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