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Black Bolt to Doctor Strange before killing him.[src]


Black Bolt was the King of the Inhumans and the keeper of the Terrigen Mists. He was approached by Doctor Strange to join the Illuminati. As Black Bolt and the Illuminati fought Thanos, Strange looked into the Darkhold to find solutions in the Multiverse, destroying another universe in the process. The Illuminati found the Book of Vishanti and used it to defeat Thanos, and when Strange confessed his deeds, the Illuminati had Black Bolt secretly execute Strange.

As a result of Strange's deeds, the Illuminati were convinced that every variant of Strange was dangerous, and they quickly arrested the Doctor Strange of Earth-199999 when he and America Chavez arrived in Earth-838. Strange did not take Black Bolt seriously, mocking his name and helmet and ignoring the warnings about his power. The Illuminati ignored Strange's warnings of the Scarlet Witch of his reality, but they were proven wrong when the Scarlet Witch breached their headquarters while possessing the body of her Earth-838 counterpart. She promptly killed Black Bolt by sealing his mouth, causing him to scream and explode his head from the inside.[1]



Seemingly those of the Blackagar Boltagon of Earth-199999


Seemingly those of the Blackagar Boltagon of Earth-199999


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