The man known as Blackbeard was an insane criminal who was locked away in an insane asylum for an undisclosed crime. His conviction was thanks to the star witness testimony of the wealthy millionaire Rod Adams. Blackbeard vowed to get revenge against Rod for testifying against him.

In 1946, Blackbeard escaped the asylum vowing once more to get revenge against Adams. However, at this time, Rod's lawyer Rollo had began plans to kill Rod. This was due to the fact hat Rod's will stated that his half fortune would be given to charity -- which unknown to Rod -- was really a false company which Rollo had owned. To this end, he and an unnamed accomplice captured Blackbeard and kept him hidden in their hideout. The accomplice then disguised himself as Blackbeard and made an attempt to capture Rod.

Blackbeard (Impostor) (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 70 0001

Blackbeard impostor

Although the impostor murdered Rod's body guard, he was stopped from capturing Rod thanks to the intervention of the Sub-Mariner who came to Rod's assistance. "Blackbeard" then succeeded in capturing Rod later that night by knocking out the Sub-Mariner with knock out gas. With Rod captured, the authorities offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could find him. Rollo, seeing opportunity went back to his hideout unaware that he was being followed by the Sub-Mariner. There, Rollo and the fake Blackbeard conspired to murder Adams so that Rollo could claim the fortune, but also turn in the real Blackbeard and Rod's dead body and claim the $10,000 reward as well. Namor burst in and easily defeated them and also rounded up the real Blackbeard and turned them all over to the authorities.[1]

Blackbeard's subsequent fate is unknown.




Blackbeard was homicidally insane.


Blackbeard used knives.

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