Blackbeard (Japanese Spy) (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 63 0002

"Blackbeard" unmasked.

In 1945 a Imperial Japanese spy smuggled himself into the United States. He took up the identity of Blackbeard, wearing a life-like mask and bullet proof armor in order to support his claims that he was the historical pirate returned to life. He then gathered a gang of pirates and using an aircraft that was painted to be invisible to the naked eye at night, he began targeting aircraft that were being tested in the air.

Their attack attracted the attention of Miss America while she was visiting a nearby air force base in her civilian guise. Rushing to the endangered plane, Miss America was knocked out and left to crash with the plane but managed to escape. Finding the pirates plane by a stroke of luck, Miss America boarded it and was shocked to find "Blackbeard" in charge of the pirates. The pirates overpowered Miss America, tied her up with weights, and tossed her out of their plane before returning to their hideout in a nearby swamp.

Miss America was caught searching for them and during the fight Blackbeard took a bullet to the chest and survived. However, Miss America soon defeated Blackbeard and unmasked him. His crew of pirates soon died when Miss America forced their plane to crash. "Blackbeard" was turned over to the authorities,[1] his subsequent fate is unknown.


As Blackbeard, the Japanese spy wore a life-like mask and other props to appear to be a Caucasian male. Among these props was a peg leg, however it is unknown if this was a prop or if he was indeed missing one of his legs. He also wore a bullet proof vest to help support his claim that he was the reincarnation of Blackbeard.


"Blackbeard" piloted an aircraft that was painted with a special black paint that rendered the craft nearly invisible to the naked eye at night.


Blackbeard and his men were armed with pistols.

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