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The Blackfoot Confederacy are a tribe of Native Peoples that are indigenous to the United States and Canada. They span back many centuries.

Presumably the history of the Blackfeet on Earth-616 mirrors that of the real world.

American Frontier[]

Many tribes of the Blackfoot people either clashed or allied with various western heroes who were active at the time.

A tribe of Blackfeet in Wyoming were risen to war against the Sioux thanks to the machinations of Green Lizard, a Sioux warrior with ambitions of taking over his tribe. The Black Rider slew Green Lizard and re-established peace between the two tribes.[1] In the state of Montana, a tribe led by Grey Rock were manipulated into going to war against the soldiers of Fort Noble by Jim Thunderhead, a half-white half-Native American scout who was shunned by both sides. War was averted thanks to the intervention of the Black Rider.[2] A group of Blackfoot warriors attacked the Pawnee exile Arrowhead. Angered, Arrowhead led the US Army in hunting them down, however when the bigoted soldiers sought to murder the Blackfoot women and children, Arrowhead changed allegiances and assisted the Blackfeet in fighting off the soldiers.[3]

20th Century[]

By the 20th century a tribe of Blackfeet had befriended the father of Dan Lyons. When their chief Man-To was dying he sought a worthy successor and so the local medicine man Running Elk began running tests on the braves in the tribe. None were worthy, and when the adult Dan Lyons came to visit the tribe he learned of Man-To's situation and participated in the challenge and proved to be the tribe's worthy successor. Instead of leading the tribe, he became the costumed adventurer known as the Black Marvel.[4]

Modern Age[]

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