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Blackheart's Hell Centrifuge was a huge device Blackheart and Gari Oyle built in Las Vegas sometime after being cast out of Hell by Mephisto. Its purpose was to open a doorway to bring Hell to Earth through a ritual that needed one hundred human souls signed over of their own volition, the flesh of an alien symbiote, and the blood of a mortal who had been to Hell and back.

After acquiring all of the required items, Blackheart and Gari Oyle initiated the ritual and activated the centrifuge. The unexperienced new Ghost Rider, Alejandra, was attracted to the device by the souls used in the ritual and tried to stop it by countering its direction with her Hell Cycle. That, however, powered the centrifuge and opened the doorway to Hell, allowing it to start spreading through Las Vegas. Before leaving, Blackheart alerted Alejandra to not stop spinning as the doorway would reverse the pull and drag the Earth down into Hell if she did.

Johnny Blaze, a former Ghost Rider who had just recently started mentoring Alejandra, placed a magical amulet at the city limits to halt Hell's expansion and kept the centrifuge spinning while Alejandra went after Blackheart.[2] She perished in battle alongside other three heroes (Venom, Red Hulk, and X-23).[4] The Spirit of Vengeance attempted to bond with Blaze again following Alejandra's death, but Gari Oyle captured it.[3]

When Mephisto gave the four heroes a second chance at life in order to defeat Blackheart, X-23 went to the demonic centrifuge[5] and told Blaze to turn to the other direction so Hell would be sucked back down before she blew the device up. Gari Oyle tried in vain to stop them and the centrifuge was destroyed.[6]

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