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Blackheart is the son of Mephisto. He called himself Legion after he redeemed a contract worth 1,000 souls of a ghost town to aid him in his endeavors. He was defeated by Ghost Rider after he used his penance stare to burn all the 1,000 souls in his body. Mephisto returned Blackheart's body to their realm.[1]



  • Blackheart's touch is deadly and he is extremely powerful, seemingly more powerful than his father. Blackheart has a stronger ability to manipulate souls, telling Ghost Rider that he is now working for the son of the Devil.


  • Normally, he has no soul, so he is immune to the Penance Stare. However, in his legion form, he possesses many souls to burn, making the Penance Stare deadly.


  • Wes Bentley portrays Blackheart in Ghost Rider.
  • Blackheart appears throughout most of the film in his human form, only briefly showing his true form in between. The final form he takes at the end of the film is essentially a mixture of his human form and Blackheart of Earth-616's form.
  • Legion is a reference to the biblical Legion, a demon made up of 1,000 demons.

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