Blackie was a classmate of Calvin Rankin and the school's boxing champ, although Calvin somehow developed his opponent's boxing skills.[1]

After becoming king of the underworld, Blackie allied with the Asbestos Man to defeat the Human Torch.[2]

At the card table, Blackie told his fellow mobsters that the Swordsman was offering a million dollar prize to anyone showing him a way to catch an Avengers.[3]

Blackie then attended the gathering of mobsters where Spider-Man was held captive by the Green Goblin, trying to catch him before he wriggled free.[4]

A short time later, Blackie and other crooks were captured by Spider-Man during a robbery trumped-up by the Green Goblin; Blackie nevertheless managed to him with a gas Pumpkin Bomb, concocted by the Green Goblin to prevent his Spider-Sense from working[5].

Some time later, Blackie was caught again by Spider-Man and revealed to him that the Maggia headquarters were in the Galby Building[6].

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