Blackie Malkin was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. He lived in the town of Mesquite, Texas and sought to obtain ownership of the Rocking M Ranch owned by Tex Morgan Sr. In order to obtain it he worked with Lawyer Davis to insure that he obtained it illegally. They forged a will in Morgan's name, leaving the title of the ranch in the name of Blackie Malkin, and then Blackie murdered Morgan.

The only people in town who became aware of the murder were Morgan's brother-in-law Billy Brady, and Lobo a Native American who was friends with Tex's son Tex Morgan Jr.. Lobo was forced to flee town, while Blackie tormented Billy who kept the truth to himself hoping that when young Tex Morgan eventually arrived in town things would get straightened out. However, when Tex did arrive everyone soon learned that Tex didn't carry guns due to an oath he swore to his mother on her death bed. Blackie found this out himself when he tripped Tex to try and instigate a fight and realized that Tex wasn't carrying guns.

Later, after Tex learned that his father was murdered and his ranch apparently willed to Blackie, Blackie decided to have fun at Tex's expense by making him "dance" to his bullets. Tex, did not put up with this treatment and beat down Blackie until they were stopped by Lawyer Davis who confirmed that Blackie did indeed own the Rocking M ranch. Blackie then sought to silence Billy and shot him, but Tex managed to rush him to safety and get him medical attention. Learning that Blackie was the one who shot his father, Tex put on his father's six-shooters and faced Blackie. In a draw, Tex was faster and shot Blackie dead.

Tex was soon arrested, but broke out with the aid of Lobo and learned the truth about Blackie's illegal acquisition of the Rocking M and reclaimed his father's property. However, due to his killing of Blackie and later Lawyer Davis, Tex Morgan was a wanted outlaw for a brief time.[1]


Blackie carried a pair of six-shooters.

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