Quote1 Help! – I'm pinned against the wheel! – I can't move! I'm burning! — Quote2
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Blackie Ross was a race car driver who was not beneath committing murder in order to win first place in his races. He devised a plot wherein an accomplice flew over the race track in an airplane and shot incendiary bullets that ignited an opponent's car causing it to violently burst into flames and crash.

Ross initiated this plot on a day that his race, Tipton Classic, was being watched by the newly created android the Human Torch. Witnessing a car burst into flames and crash, the Torch went to its rescue but arrived too late to save the driver from burning alive. Noticing another car bursting into flames and the airplane, the Torch attempted to leap into action but was forced to stop when Blackie – having won the race – found him as a convenient person to pin the crimes on. Maintaining his innocence, the Torch allowed himself to be arrested. He met a supposed criminal named Johnson who told him that Blackie Ross was responsible for the crashes and explained his methods. Determined to clear his good name, the Torch broke out of his jail cell to seek out Ross.

Staking out Blackie's next race, Anita Classic, the Human Torch attempted to stop their airplane that caused the wrecks. However, when the plane crashed – destroying all the evidence, the pilot refused to talk. Next going to a Hotel Range where drivers regularly stayed, the Torch was spotted by Blackie's accomplice Red. Blackie dispatched his girlfriend Lola to tell the Torch a sob story about how her "brother" was a victim and led the Torch into a trap. Blackie and his minions tricked the Torch into falling into a vat of water and then dumped his body into a mine full of hot lime. Blackie leaved convinced that the Torch was dead, however the android survived.

Showing up at the next race in the Auson City race track, the Torch forced Blackie to crash. However, he had to allow Blackie to escape when his flaming race car threatened the people in the spectators stand. Tracking Blackie down to a steel-mill furnace the Human Torch was caught off guard by Blackie and his men in asbestos suits and armed with fire hoses. They dumped the Torch into molten steel and Blackie once more escaped, fogging the Torch with a smoke screen.

Learning that Johnson was really an undercover police officer, the Torch was told that Blackie was attempting to escape town in an airplane. Rushing to the airport, the Torch downed Ross's plane and Ross attempted to run the Torch over with his own car. This ended with the car catching flame, and not wishing to die in the same way of his victims, Blackie agreed to sign a full confession in order to be rescued by the Torch. He realized too late that he was still wearing his asbestos lined suit. Blackie Ross was turned over to the authorities and his confession cleared the Torch's name.


Ross was an accomplished race car driver, with enough skill to compete professionally.


Asbestos lined suits


Blackie had his race car, a conventional motor vehicle, and at least two personal aircraft. All have been destroyed by the Human Torch.


Ross had access to a gun that fired incendiary bullets, which he gave to his henchmen to use against rival cars. The bullets had sufficient power to light a race car on fire.

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