Blackjack was a former costumed criminal turned hero who was active during the later half of the 20th Century. His origins are unknown.

As a criminal he was active as early as 1958, and has had past clashes with the Yankee Clipper. In his first recorded appearance he and his fellow criminal Scythe were hired by a Skrull spy named Zuhn to recover his ship that had been in government custody since 1947. Blackjack and Scythe were defeated by the combined efforts of Agent Jacob Scott of the Department of Defence (also secretly a Skrull), Yankee Clipper, Black Fox and Liberty Girl. Blackjack was apprehended and turned over to the authorities and the heroes present that day formed the First Line[2].

By 1969, Blackjack had reformed and joined his old foes in the First Line. When their leader Effigy ("Jacob Scott") learned that the Skrulls were planning on sabotaging the Apollo 11 space flight, Blackjack was among the members of the First Line who travelled in a partially repaired Skrull saucer to intercept the attack on the surface of the moon. On the surface of the moon Blackjack and his comrades battled Positron, Howler, Typhoon and Axis, Earth criminals that were hired by the Skrulls for the sabotage plot. Blackjack fought the female Positron until Effigy was able to destroy the Skrull ship stranding the surviving villains on the moon and forcing them to surrender[3].

Blackjack remained a member of the team until the 1980s, at which time Positron also reformed and the two started a relationship. When their teammate Mister Justice was captured while trying to rescue American diplomats in the nation of Halwan, Blackjack and Positron were among the members of the First Line sent on a rescue mission. While raiding the royal palace, Blackjack was fatally slashed by the warrior known as Scimitar and died in Positron's arms. The First Line failed to rescue Mister Justice, who had managed to free himself and the diplomats alone. Due to the death of Blackjack and a team of CIA operatives on the mission, Blackjack's teammate Black Fox quit the team[4]


Blackjack possessed superior physical abilities and fighting skills.

Strength level

Peak Human: able to lift double one's own body weight up to the 800lb level

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