Blackjack O'Hare is a mercenary who is out for his own gain but will do the right thing when necessary. Also, he's the leader of Black Bunny Brigade.[1]

Blackjack was next seen working for Halfworld leader Lord Dyvyne, in the capture of the Felisian princess, Lynx. They were on their way to deliver her to Man-Beast in exchange for the bounty, when they came across a small cargo ship that was on a restricted trade route. Interested if the vessel carried any valuables, Dyvyne ordered Blackjack to have his brigade tow the ship into their bay not knowing that Rocket Raccoon transported to the prison section of Dyvyne's ship to rescue the princess.

Rocket opened Lynx's cell only to be confronted by Jack and his bunny brigade. Rocket asked him why he was back in the service of evil but he assured him he wasn't, it was just a business opportunity- nothing personal. Blackjack fought against Lynx and Rocket until Dyvyne interrupted the battle with the idea of handing over the both of them to Man-Beast for a much larger bounty, his choice of any trade route. But Groot and Wal-Rus quickly joined the battle, wiping the floor with Blackjack, Dyvyne and his brigade, so they could make their escape.[2]

Blackjack would later be revealed to be Rocket's doppelgänger. He considers himself to be in a state of vendetta against his fellow Halfworlder for interfering with his mission to capture and assassinate Princess Amalya, destroying his reputation as a mercenary. Luring Rocket to a remote planet, Blackjack paid off Rocket's allies and blew Groot apart with a grenade. He then proceeded to taunt Rocket before revealing himself and summoning his Black Bunny Brigade. Their fight was soon interrupted by Amalya and the Ex-terminators. Realizing that his target was right there, Blackjack contemplated aloud that he could still take her out, allowing him to restore his reputation and collect her bounty. However before he could act, he was shot by her, but was later shown to have survived. However, he was subsequently (apparently) blown to pieces when Rocket deflected a missile he had fired back at him. [3]


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