Blackrat was a thief in Shadizar the Wicked, in Zamora, and the partner-in-crime of fellow thief Fafnir.

One night, after having stabbed a goldsmith subdued, Blackrat argued with Fafnir over how to split the booty from their recent efforts. As they argued, Conan vaulted over the walls of the city and offered to resolve their dilemma. The two tried to fight him off, but Conan dodged one of Blackrat's swordthrusts, which instead skewered Fafnir. Conan then dropped Blackrat with a boot to the head, took all three gold pieces for himself, and went on about his business.[1] Fafnir survived the blow.[2]


Some time later in Arenjun, Blackrat had a run-in with Conan and told Fasolt about him when he arrived at The Maul. He also called Captain Finar in order to capture him for Zath. After he was rewarded with three silver pieces, he fled the tavern, having broken the thieves' code, by betraying a man as he was drinking at the Maul.[3]

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