Quote1 Blackthorne Prison. Which wouldn't have existed if I hadn't come up with the idea in the first place. Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) src


Blackthorne Prison was the prison Miguel O'Hara proposed Alchemax build.[2] After visiting a dsytopian future caused by Alchemax, Miguel attempted to derail the project by removing its funding, but then the D.I.S. agreed to financially back the prison in exchange for being able to detain and interrogate their personal suspects.[3]

After a talk with Ty Stone, Tyler Stone was able to use the prison as a temporary base for The Fist. Both Man Mountain Marko[4] and Tempest Monroe were experimented on here. When Spider-Man broke into the prison to rescue Tempest, Tyler used hypnotic suggestion to have her kill Miguel. While she succeeded, his body was taken to 2100 A.D. by Captain America, Spider-Man (Gabri O'Hara, and Strange.[5]


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