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Blackwing became a member of Joseph Manfredi's Heavy Mettle. She and the rest of the group attacked the New Warriors to obtain Turbo's costume. Heavy Mettle was defeated and sent to jail, except Firestrike.[1]

During Norman Osborn's Dark Reign, she was tricked by The Hood and Taskmaster into training with the Initiative for their "Shadow Initiative." However, the Shadow Initiative was later diverted to be cannon fodder meant to weaken the enemy in taking Prison 42 from the remnants of King Blastaar's army before the heavy hitters of Osborn's Initiative finished the job. Blackwing participated in the attack either in ignorance or because she knew she would be killed if she tried to quit. She was shot down in the ensuing fight and killed.[2]



  • Blackwing's Suit: Blackwing wears Manfredi's old suit of body armor. Devices in his costume give her the power of flight for short distances, via directed motion hovering.

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