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  • Lord Tantalus is revealed to be the "new monarch" of Pangea. No details of how this occurred have ever been revealed. Also, when last seen in Avengers #258, Pangea had become a frozen Antarctic wasteland due to the actions of Terminus (Jorro). From what little is shown of the area in this issue, it is unclear if it is meant to still be a wasteland.
  • In the issue, the planet Armechadon is established as being located in the binary star system of Sirius (also referred to as the Sirius-B system) which is nine years distant from Earth when one travels only at light speed. However, future stories tend to ignore this claim.
  • Lord Tantalus reveals to the Skrull warrior that he was banished to Earth 25,000 years ago.
  • The Skrull warrior reveals to Lord Tantalus that a stargate exists near Earth's Sun and that it was through that gate that he had pursued the "Normal" on the mission that got them both stranded on Earth.
  • The Godstalker refers to Earth as the third planet in the "Sol Sector."
  • In this issue, Lucian leaves the company of the Underground for the first time since joining them in issue Vol 1 2. He will be joined by Sparrow in the next issue and they will stay together through to the final issue. Accordingly, Lucian's appearance as Blackwulf in Daredevil #336-337 can only take place between issues Vol 1 6 & 7 of this series.

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