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Rook'shir's mighty blade

Rook'shir was the second being to bond with the Phoenix Force, and ultimately became corrupted by its phenomenal power. Although the Phoenix possessed him for just a few days, his destructive rampage destroyed many Shi'ar planets. Rook'Shir also channelled some of the power through his sword and now a minuscule remnant of the Phoenix Force still resides in the blade. This "faded blue shadow" is considerably less powerful than the "true" Phoenix, but allows for a greater degree of control.[1]

Once Rook'Shir was executed by the first Imperial Guard, his blemish on Shi'ar history and his weapon was kept secret for centuries to come (it should be noted however, that Korvus suggested there may have been other previous wielders of the Blade of the Phoenix.) Meanwhile, Rook'Shir's descendants were slaughtered and sterilized until only one remained.[2]

The last of the Rook'shir bloodline - Korvus - inherited the blade for the sole purpose of assassinating one of the last people to bare the Grey Genome, Rachel Grey. When Korvus first held the weapon it opened his mind to all those who had previously carried it, as well as taught him how to use it. Korvus' own skill notwithstanding, with the blade, he easily bested Havok, Polaris, Nightcrawler and Warpath combined. He was however unable to defeat his target, Marvel Girl. Instead the Blade's innate properties allowed her and Korvus' minds to merge; sharing each others tragic memories and intimately binding their psyches for some time.[3]

During battle with Vulcan's new guard, the Phoenix fragment within both his sword and Rachel completely removed itself before streaking way into space, rendering the Blade of the Phoenix bereft of its powerful qualities.[4]


  • The blade can only be wielded by members of the Rook’Shir bloodline who can do so with ease; to anyone else "it would be easier to lift a star."[5]
  • The blade has been shown to project massive amounts of energy from a seemingly endless source, be very durable in battle, and deflect projectile ammunition.[6]
  • Rachel absorbed a portion of the blade's power, weakening it, due to her inherently strong affinity to the Phoenix Force. Its power also appeared to be changing her behavior on some level.[7]

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