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Quote1.png So it's true...The sword is real. The sword of my ancestor, killed over 400 cycles past...I am the only one left who can wield The Blade of the Phoenix. And I do not deserve the honor. Quote2.png

The Blade of the Phoenix was a mystical sword used that housed an infinitesimal piece of the Phoenix Force.[1] The sword could only be wielded by Rook'shir and his descendants.[5]



It is unknown when the Blade of the Phoenix was forged, but it was originally wielded by Rook'shir approximately 500 years (or some 400 cycles) ago. Rook'shir was a Shi'ar and the second being to ever bond with the Phal'Kon (the Phoenix Force). Even though he was only bonded with the Phoenix for a few days, the power quickly corrupted him and he destroyed multiple planets.[1][7][3] To stop him, the Shi'ar Empire formed the first Imperial Guard. When Rook'shir was killed, an infinitesimal piece of the Phoenix Force (a "shadow" or an "echo") remained within his sword.[1][7]

Once Rook'Shir was executed, his blemish on Shi'ar history and his weapon was kept secret for centuries to come Meanwhile, Rook'Shir's descendants were slaughtered and sterilized until only one remained incarcerated in a maximum security prison on the third moon of Phygim.[8]

Modern Era

To assassinate the last carrier of the Grey Genome, the last living descendant of Rook-Shir, Korvus Rook'shir, was freed from prison, given the Blade of the Phoenix, and sent after Rachel Grey by Vice-Chancellor K'Tor of the Shi'ar Empire.[8]

Korvus wielding the Blade of the Phoenix against Marvel Girl

Korvus was able to find the X-Men and Rachel abroad a Shi'ar Star Cruiser. With the Blade, Korvus easily bested the combined attacks of Havok, Polaris, Nightcrawler, and Warpath. However, he was unable to defeat Marvel Girl, his target. Instead the Blade's link to the Phoenix Force allowed her and Korvus' minds to merge, sharing each others tragic memories and intimately binding their psyches for some time.[1][9][10] Rachel was also able to absorb a portion of the Blade's Phoenix Force power, weakening it.[1][7][9] Rachel then released Korvus from the service of the Vice-Chancellor by carefully telekinetically dismantling the bomb implanted in Korvus's head.[1] Freed from the Vice-Chancellor commands, Korvus joined the X-Men in their mission.[11]

During their time together, Korvus was able to teach Rachel about the history of the Blade of the Phoenix.[7]

Alongside Warpath, Korvus used the Blade to defeat the Shi'ar guards on Asteroid H-12 of the Asteroid Archipelago and assist in freeing Lilandra.[12] With the Starjammers, the X-Men, and Lilandra's forces, Korvus fought against forces of D'Ken, Vulcan, and Deathbird and the Imperial Guards.[11]

In the aftermath of the battle and the death of Corsair, Korvus joined the Starjammers along with Marvel Girl, Havok, and Polaris.[13] With the Starjammers, Korvus continued wield the Blade of the Phoenix to fight against the rule of Emperor Vulcan and protect the galaxy.[14][15] During a battle with Vulcan's Imperial Guard, the Phoenix fragments within both the Blade and Rachel were completely removed drained as the Phoenix Force began collecting and consolidating all its fragments while preparing for its new host.[6][16]

Although the Blade was depowered, Korvus continued to wield it to defend others from tyranny as a member of the Starjammers.[6][17][4][15][18][19]

When the Starjammers were answering a distress call on a space station, they were mind controlled by a creature named Friendless. An X-Men team led by Rogue arrived to save them however and the entire space station was safely brought to Earth.[18][19] However, travelling through the wormhole profoundly altered the makeup of the Blade causing Cerebra to detect a scrambled mutant mind inside the sword. Blindfold and Emma Frost were able to confirm this, but were unable to identify who was in the Blade. Using her powers, Rogue absorbed the fragments of the mutant mind in Magneto, Havok, Rachel Grey, Polaris, Gambit, Frenzy and the Blade to discover Ariel trapped between realms in her teleportation.[2] Rogue and a team of X-Men were able to rescue Ariel, but the ordeal did severely damage the Blade of the Phoenix.[20]

Korvus quickly grew restless among the mutants on Utopia, so Rogue arranged for him to become the new captain of Sovel Redhands crew on the Gul Damar and he was able to leave Earth, taking the Blade of the Phoenix with him.[20]


* Energy Discharge: The Blade of the Phoenix literally glowed with energy and had blue flame crackling off it.[1] This energy could be channeled into blasts[7][12][13] or used the strengthen the effects of a cutting blow.[1] The Blade was also able to deflect offensive energy attacks.[12][21] The Blade appears to have retained this power even without its connection to the Phoenix Force.[22]


  • Based on Korvus's comments, the Blade of the Phoenix has been wielded by more than just himself and Rook'shir.[7] This may mean the Blade was used by Rook'shir ancestors before he bonded with the Phoenix Force or that others wielded after Rook'shir death and before Korvus received it.

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